Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exciting Days

Tuesday: (11/15) Salmon omelets for breakfast. I spent the day moving the outdoor plants into the green house. It's about a week earlier than usual. but it's now done. I also trimmed the wisteria on the arbor and did some other cleanup outside. Chili beans and cheese toast for lunch. Lou was still under the weather. Corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/16) Not much accomplished today. A little yard work and a lot of watching the neighbors paving stone installation. PBJ toast for breakfast. Corned beef and cabbage for lunch. Hot and our soup for dinner.

Thursday: (11/17) Another "exciting" day. While the sky threatened rain most of the day, it never did rain as forecast. Breakfast was popcorn. I love popcorn but can't eat it later in the day. Continuing my healthy dining, lunch was donuts. Dinner was hot and sour soup and baked pork buns. Lou still isn't feeling well but, fortunately Dawn and i haven't caught the bug, yet. I believe that hot and sour soup has some king of magical powers to help on fight off a cold and or not get it. No scientific basic but it sure doesn't hurt and seems to work for me. Lou's been getting extra doses of the soup. I didn't do much that could be called work today. I did repair the RV TV antenna crank shaft by replacing it. That and a little silicone lubricant make it almost fly up now.

In the evening I took Dawn to a writers club meeting a few blocks from home. On the walk home we both almost had a fatal ending. We were crossing the six lane El Camino Real highway at a traffic signal with a walk signal for us. As we got halfway across the far side I stopped because I heard a cars engine not slowing. I looked over and watched a car speed through the lane we would have been in had I not stopped. Missed us by less than 3 feet never even slowing. I checked and he did have a red light as we still had our walk clearance showing. You can't be too careful! I didn't notice but likely a cell phone was involved?

One thing I did do today was read a couple of local newspapers. There was an article in one that mentioned a recent report that says that Palo Alto has the highest educated populace in the state. 80% with at least a BA and 50% with at least a masters or doctorate. Three nearby cities were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. (Los Altos, Saratoga, and Cupertino). Unfortunately we didn't help the statistic and are definitely a minority around here. (I wonder if there could be some benefit for being such a minority) While I've worked in the technical and engineering fields all my working life, working with and often supervising and managing engineers, I don't have a sheepskin. Never got to it and haven't missed it.

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