Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Again

Thursday: (11/10) We arrived home about 5:30pm. Nice to be home again. We all went out to Harry's Hofbrau ( Courtney, Dawn, Ernie, Lou and I) for Dawn's birthday dinner. We stopped at Courtney's place for a visit with Spunky, her kitten. We've been on the road most of six months on this trip for a total of 11,820 miles. It's not our longest trip, that was over 14,000 miles in six weeks in 1979. We've slowed down some  since then.

Friday: (11/11) What's so special about today? 20111111
Lou made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off on a shopping adventure all day. I went through all the junk mail i missed and worked in the office and on the computer all day. Cold cuts for lunch. For dinner Lou made fettuccine. It rained most of the day today.

Saturday: (11/12) I made Don McMuffin's for breakfast. We emptied out the jeep and I then removed the damaged fog lamp fixtures. I don't believe in them anyway. They were damaged by the rocks on the  Alaskan dirt roads. They were below the skirt and didn't have any protection. i also washed the under side of the jeep. Then I had it washed and waxed. I then did some more detailing then put some of the stuff that was in it back into it. Only the stuff that belongs in it went back. the Jeep is an extra closet when we're on the road. Speaking of "Its" that's Lou's name for the Jeep now. We've never really named our vehicles. When the Jeep caught fire in Anchorage Lou says I came and said It's on fire so she now calls it "Its". For dinner we visited LUU Noodles in Mountain View having our usual Chow Fun dinner.

Sunday: (11/13) Granola for breakfast. Another nice day, mostly sunny. I spent the morning working in the green house trimming, repotting and pulling weeds. Lou and Dawn were busy in the house cleaning. For lunch we all went down to the Hong Kong Bakery each getting our favorite baked goods and dim sum. We also picked up a birthday cake for both Dawn and Lou's birthday. I spent the afternoon working on the computer. Lou made Shepard's pie for dinner and Ernie joined us.

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