Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mill Casino, North Bend, Oregon

Mill Casino RV PArk Coos Bay
Tuesday: (11/01) We're staying in North Bend at the Mill Casino. They have both free RV parking and a full service RV park. We opted for the RV park. It costs less ($19) than a stay in the State parks ($22) and comes with full hookups as well as wifi and cable TV instead of just water and electric as at the State parks. We had dinner at the casino, fish and chips for me and prime rib for Lou. We plan on being here a couple of days.

(11/02) We started the day with unlimited hot showers at the park shower room. You just don't get unlimited showers often in and RV especially when boon-docking or camping without hookups. We did the laundry in the park laundry room while we showered. Then it was tome for breakfast. We each had country fried steaks and eggs.

Golden Silver Falls Parking Trail To Silver Falls
After breakfast we drove 25 miles East of Coos Bay to Golden And Silver Falls State Park. A 1/3 mile hike gets you to either waterfall. A mile hike gets you to the top of Golden Falls. I hiked them all and Lou hiked to both waterfall viewpoints.

Silver Falls East of Coos Bay Silver Falls East of Coos Bay Silver Falls East of Coos Bay
Three views of Silver Falls above.

Golden Falls East of Coos Bay Golden Falls East of Coos Bay
A couple of views of Golden Falls. One from the lower trail and one from the upper trail.

Golden Falls East of Coos Bay Upper Trail To Golden Falls
Another view of Golden Falls from above. On the right is the trail to the top of the falls.

Grand Tree By Silver Falls
I just liked the looks of this tree by Silver falls.

After the hikes we returned to town and did some shopping then returned home. For dinner we went back to the casino. Lou likes their prime rid, actually any prime rib. We share her prime rib dinner and I had a bowl of clam chowder as well. Today was nice and sunny. When we came out after dinner, it was raining heavily and continued so all evening.

Thursday: (11/03) Breakfast was Strawberry French toast. We spent the morning visiting thrift stores and antique shops in North Bend. In our travels we drove by the La Herradura Mexican Restaurant and there was such a crowd that we returned a while later for lunch. The crowd was right. I had the chili verde special and Lou had a chili relleno.

Shore Acres SP Shore Acres SP Flowers
After lunch we drove out to Shore Acres State Park. It's a little late in the season for the arboretum.

Shore Acres SP Flowers Over Pond Shore Acres SP Roses
Few flowers. There were a few roses. The place will look much different soon. From Thanksgiving day through New Years Day they will be open in the evenings. All the bushes are lit and there are light sculptures. Too bad we won't still be in the area.

Cape Arago SP Near Coos Bay Cape Arago SP Near Coos Bay
We enjoyed looking at the very unusual coast at Cape Arago and looking at the sea lions and elephant seals. This might be where the sea lions from the Sea Lion Caves have gone.

On our way home we stopped in at the Cranberry candy shop. for some salt water taffy and a few other samples. Dinner was at the casino again, a repeat of a couple of nights ago. Lou had prime rib and I had fish and chips.
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