Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Sore Back

Saturday: (11/26) Eggs and toast for breakfast. Lou and I took a walk around the neighborhood and stopped at a sign saying "free bricks". They were nice red clay bricks that we can use for additional walkways so we said we'd take them. One of the tasks I had planned to get to today was to look at installing a jump switch for the ignition on the old Volvo so it would start. I didn't get to it soon enough so I couldn't use it to move the bricks. I didn't want to use the other cars so out came the wheelbarrow. I wheeled  one load the two blocks home and had loaded another when the brick providers took sympathy on me and offered to use their pickup to get them to our house. That made quick work of the move. Good thing too because my back was complaining. It was about half a pallet of bricks. Lou was busy all morning studying and taking a test online. About noon, Lou and Dawn headed for San Jose to a Holiday Festival and to see Christmas In The Park there. For dinner, they both went to Original Joe's Italian Restaurant in downtown San Jose. I had Tuna sandwiches for lunch. I relaxed the rest of the day. For dinner I went out with Ernie for BBQ ribs at Chili's.

Sunday: (11/27) A little brick moving, and little racking leaves, a little pruning and a lot of relaxing made up today's activities. Lou took another test this morning. And we all took a nice long walk before lunch.  Pie for breakfast. Leftovers from Original Joe's restaurant for lunch. For dinner Lou made turkey asparagus couscous served with spinach and leftover potatoes au gratin.

Monday: (11//28)
A Subway BMT breakfast sandwich started the day. A Costco lunch hot dog for Dawn, Polish dog for Lou and chicken bake for me. Leftover turkey and asparagus couscous for dinner with Dawn's fresh baked bread.

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