Monday, November 21, 2011

San Francisco Walk-about

Monday: (11/21) We all took a nice walk around the neighborhood in the morning. I visited Fry's doing some Christmas shopping and getting supplies. I got as new toner for the printer that turned out to be bad so returned it for another and now the printer is happy. Lou took the old car out shopping and it wouldn't start to come home. I went over and got it started. It seems the ignition switch is intermittently bad. The ignition is only on it the on position, not the start position. With appropriate technique it can be started but I spent the afternoon looking for information on its wiring to repair or fix it. Lou and Dawn are busy cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. For dinner Lou prepared tuna steaks with rice and fried green tomatoes from the garden.

Golden Gate Park Stow Lake Golden Gate Park Stow Lake Bridge
Tuesday: (11/22) A day in San Francisco for me today. I caught the 8:30 train to SF, then caught the Muni Judah train out by Golden Gate park. First order of business was breakfast at the Crepevine Restaurant on Irving Street. That was followed by a walk through Golden Gate park and by Stow Lake there.

San Francisco Bay View From Mt Sutro Construction Crane Assembly In San Francisco
Then a walk through the Sunset District of SF. The energetic part of the day followed with a hike up to the top of Mount Sutro and back down to Market Street. The view of the bay from Mount Sutro (above left) has to be the best view of the bay. Then it was back on a Muni Historic trolley to downtown. I stopped for a while to watch the erection of a construction crane. I only got to watch the end of the process. They started this early this morning. i could have wasted the whole day watching if I'd known it was being done. I've always wanted to watch them get one of these cranes up.

A bus to China town brought me to my dim sum restaurant for a snack. I've never seen it more crowded there. I enjoyed some Dim Sum there then headed over to Adobe's Offices on Townsend St for my BAADAUG computer group meeting. It was an interesting presentation by Yodlee who provides tools to develop financial features in Flash applications.

Breakfast was corned beef hash and eggs at the Crepevine. Some dim sum for a late lunch in China town. And finally some pizza at the computer club meeting.

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