Monday, December 5, 2011

A New TV Antenna

Monday: (12/05) Latkas with apple sauce and sausage for breakfast. I spent the morning on the phone, in the office and at the computer. Lou actually did useful things like cleanup and shopping. After my spaghetti lunch I started on installing a new TV antenna. That didn't get too far before I realized I needed materials so the job was put on hold. I may have to change the title now.  I really didn't mind since it is kind of cold outside. We all went to Lou's favorite restaurant the New Tung Kee Chinese restaurant. We shared some Pad Thai dishes and some egg rolls for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/06) Oatmeal for breakfast. I spent the morning cleaning my closet some more. It's been years since that was done. Only things that still fit remain. I started several other tasks but completed none. The new modem arrived about 6pm. Since I have to do a change to the wires outside it wont be activated until tomorrow morning. Spaghetti for lunch. Lou and Dawn went out shopping in the afternoon. We tried out the new Papa John's pizza joint that opened up a few blocks from home for dinner. Pretty good. Lou baked another cranberry pear pie and some tarts this evening.

Wednesday: (12/07) My first task was to activate the new DSL line. It actually went quite easily. It turns out then new DSL line is on a second pair of wires so both DSL lines are now active. I'm not sure when ATT will deactivate the old line but it was nice that they were able to leave the old one active since the modem was late in arriving. Most of the rest of the day was spent working on the computer. Latkas with eggs, and sausage for breakfast. Summer sausage with cheese and crackers for lunch. I cooked sauerkraut potatoes and a pork roast for dinner.

Thursday: (12/08) Dawn and I were in San Jose today. Breakfast burritos at La Victoria for breakfast. Dawn had an appointment and I had work to do at the San Jose house. I cleaned the gutters, no small task. Three downspouts were clogged up. Always fun working on the roof. Lunch as a Carl's Jr burger.  I also made a trip to Lowe's for some water softener salt. They had a very good sale on the salt so I got 18 bags. That should keep the softener going for a while. My back was acting up before I got the salt and was insistant that I relax after stowing away the salt. I relaxed a while before Dawn returned and we headed home. Dinner was leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and pork with some BBQ rids as well.

Friday: (12/09) Baked pork bun and an egg tart from Hong Kong bakery for breakfast. My back was still out of order so I relaxed at home today. Lou and Dawn were busy weeding the garden and other yard puttering. Summer sausage, cheese and crackers for lunch. Fish, corn on the cob and rice for dinner.

Saturday: (12/10) Pork buns for breakfast. Lou, Dawn and I went to Mountain View Community Theater to see The Christmas Carol. We then stopped by Sprout's Market in Sunnyvale. Lou and Dawn left me there and headed off to Stanford to catch a Christmas music show at the Old Church on campus.  I looked around and shopped my way toward home. I stopped and got some socks at my old shoe store. The wool socks last almost forever but just almost so I needed to replace some. Lunch at the Wok's On Chinese restaurant in Sunnyvale. I could have caught the bus but ended up just walking the five miles home. Dawn's bean soup for dinner.

(12/11) The cleanup and de-clutter projects continued in the morning. We spent the afternoon shopping. Cereal for breakfast. Costco's best for lunch. The usual hot dog for Dawn, Polish dog for Lou and chicken bake for me. Lou fixed Swedish meat balls with baked potatoes and artichokes for dinner.


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