Monday, December 12, 2011

Chorizo Week

Monday: (12/12) Lou made chorizo omelets for breakfast. We found some nice lean fresh chorizo at Sprout's Market the other day. I spent the morning in the office. Lou and Dawn visited the Stanford Mall. I had some of Dawn's leftover soup for lunch. Actually I spent the afternoon in the office as well trying to clean out some of the junk.  Lou was busy with the laundry. Steak with Thai noodles, avocado and carrot salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/13) Cereal for breakfast. Chorizo burritos for lunch. Ernie and I installed the new TV antenna (pointed to San Francisco) and modified the old antenna (which was then pointed toward Sacramento). We now get 89 stations, only three worth watching. Working on the roof  isn't as easy as it used to be. The old antenna was modified by cutting off the longer low VHF elements since there are no low VHF channels anymore. The antenna is now half it's former size. Mushroom and cheese ravioli in a sauce with bell peppers and onions for dinner. Nice sunny day today.

TEO Pancake Breakfast TEO Pancake Breakfast
Wednesday: (12/14) Breakfast with my old coworkers at work. They have an annual Christmas pancake breakfast. I spent the morning learning of all they have been doing the past year or two. It's amazing how much things have changed in the past 7.5 years since I retired. I then stopped by Leale's RV to arrange to have the motor home serviced. Then shopped my way home. On the way I stopped at Mr Chau's for lunch. Chow mein and BBQ ribs. Dinner was leftover ravioli and cauliflower. The weather was quite nice today.

Thursday: (12/15) We headed toward Gilroy about 10am. Ernie treated us to breakfast at the Black bear Diner after which we explored the outlet malls 150 shops and other Gilroy stores. We had a snack in the afternoon of some egg rolls at King Egg Rolls. We finally returned home about 7:30 and enjoyed some of Dawn's blue cheese potato soup that she started in the crock pot before we left.

Friday: (12/16) Whole wheat pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Dawn and I walked to the library. She had some books on order that came in. Peanut butter apples for lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Nothing much accomplished today. Quite nice.

Saturday: (12/17) Lou made mushroom and cheese omelets for breakfast. After breakfast we visited a couple of estate sales. The first had nothing and we're not sure why they even advertised the sale. The second occupied Lou and Dawn for about 40 minutes. Dawn picked up a bunch of books. Homemade chorizo Hawaiian pizza for lunch. Lou and I made a second outing to the OSH hardware store for a few things and to see if their tool sale had anything we needed. It didn't. And dinner was chorizo meatloaf with baked potatoes and a green salad. I'm note sure why we didn't have chorizo in our omelet for breakfast?

Sunday: (12/18) Pancakes ala Dawn with sausage for breakfast. I cleaned out the RV and prepared it to roll tomorrow morning. I'll be taking it in for service tomorrow. Ravioli for lunch. I worked at the computer much of the afternoon. Ernie baked a bunch of our mom's recipe oatmeal cookies with mini M&M's and craisins. Leftover chorizo pizza for dinner.

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