Friday, December 2, 2011

A Problem Tree And The Kaucher Mitchell Event

Friday: (12/02) Waffles and sausage for breakfast. My planned morning fell apart early when I got a phone call from our tenant in San Jose saying that a limb had fallen from the street tree there and damaged a car. I packed up my tools and we all headed down to San Jose. We had planned on being there this evening anyway for a performance at San Jose State University. There is a parking permit program by the house there due to it's proximity to the university. We were up in Alaska when the new permits became due so we didn't have a permit yet so Lou dropped me off and went to get the permit.

Cedar Tree Limbs San Jose Cedar Tree Limbs San Jose Car Damage
The tree dropped several very large limbs and damaged the car such that it couldn't be driven and was trucked off. It doesn't look so bad but the driver door couldn't be opened.

Cedar Tree Limbs San Jose Cedar Tree San Jose
The debris covered a lot of the street. On the right above is the culprit.

Of course getting the permit turned in to a problem and Lou had to go up three tiers of supervisors to get someone that could give her a permit. Numerous problems  with the process all easily overcome by someone who can make a decision. Part of the problem was because we didn't dash down in August to get a permit and part of the problem is because Dawn doesn't drive but still needs a permit placard for her guests. Of course Lou prevailed.

San Jose State University Tower At Night Kautcher Mitchel Event
In the evening we attended The Kaucher Mitchell Event For Excellence In Oral Interpretation And Storytelling which due to time constraints is usually known as the Kaucher Mitchell Event.  We walked over to the theater from Dawn's apartment. Above left is a night view of San Jose State University Tower. This was the 115th edition of the event. Dawn was one of the finalists a few years back. I didn't take any pictures of the Kaucher Mitchell Event but did get the picture above right before it started while they were practicing and getting their own pictures. Jason Kapoor, in the white coat above, just happened to win the oral interpretation part of the event. He also won the last event. His performance this year was an interpretation of Sonnet 155/Hamlet from Bo Burnham/William Shakespeare. Very funny. All the performances were excellent, as usual. Always a good show and (un)fortunately not well publicized so the house wasn't full to see it.

While we were out, Ernie greeted a technician from ATT who tested our line for the DSL Internet speed increase. It reportedly tested well and is ready. I was a bit surprised because our appointment was for Monday not Friday and was for 11-1 not 4:30. Usually these kind of services are late, this one wasn't at the correct time but was days early.

For lunch we stopped by  the La Victoria Restaurant next to the university for burritos. Dinner as a stop at the Subway sandwich shop.

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