Monday, December 19, 2011

RV Repairs

Monday: (12/19) I got up early and drove the RV down to San Jose. Traffic wasn't bad at 7am. I arrived at Leale's by 0720, disconnected the Jeep and relaxed until they opened. After checking the motorhome in I met Dawn at here apartment and we had breakfast burritos at La Victoria downtown and enjoyed their wonderful orange sauce on them. The orange sauce is a hot sauce that has nothing to do with oranges but is a mild hot sauce. Dawn and I thrifted our way back up to Palo Alto. Our neighbor had a crew working on landscaping his yard. That's nice. It will look much better when he's finished with the landscaping. But, there was a down side. They are reworking the soil and a major part of that is manure so the air was rather heavy after they started. No dining outside today. I made a doctors appointment for a checkup tomorrow and worked in the office the rest of the day. Lou made grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Dinner was steak with spaghetti squash and broccoli. Courtney brought over her DVD of Ratatouille which we watched in the evening.

Tuesday: (12/20) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I headed off early to my doctors appointment. After the appointment I tried to goof off but Lou called to remind me we had an appointment for lunch so no fun. We went with our neighbor Meile and her daughters Ping and Anan and with Ernie to lunch at the Sunny Chinese Buffet in Sunnyvale. Quite a crowd there today. Must be Christmas lunch day. Lou Dawn and I went out to the Baylands Park and took a walk by the bay after lunch. No need for much dinner after our lunch so just some leftover munching for dinner. Lou managed to complete all the laundry today as well.

Wednesday: (12/21) Leftover biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I did a little yard work this morning by cleaning the leaves off the green house and shop roofs. Super nacho chips for lunch. Lou was busy sewing this afternoon. I took a long walk out to the Town and Country Shopping Center in the late afternoon. I haven't looked it over good since it was remodeled a couple of years ago. Garlic Parmesan cheese chicken with wild rice and corn on the cob. I also finished getting the map features on this blog working more like I'd like.

Thursday: (12/22)  Chicken and corn salsa burritos for breakfast. I pruned the apricot tree and fixed a broken sprinkler. Lou was sewing. Leftovers for lunch. Lou and Ernie went out grocery shopping for the Christmas dinner. BBQ ribs, with baked potatoes and green beans for dinner.

Friday: (12/23) Another cold night and morning. Dawn made strawberry waffles and sausage for breakfast. I called Leale's about the RV status. The idea was to see if it would be ready today since Leale's will be closed until January 2nd after today and I needed to know if I'd be going down to San Jose. The word from Leale's was that they'd have the RV for about another week since there was lots to be worked on, more than I wanted to have to do but nothing really unexpected. Lou and Dawn headed down to San Jose but dropped me off In Los Altos when we got gas. They were meeting Dawn's friend Andrea. I enjoyed a walk-about Mountain View.

Los Altos Taqueria In Mountain View
I stopped for lunch at Los Altos Taqueria, which oddly isn't in Los Altos but in the middle of Mountain View. I enjoyed a chili relleno lunch which was very good, thus explaining the crowd there. I managed to use the entire afternoon and had a nice long walk. 

Saturday: (12/24) PBJ waffles with sausage for breakfast.

Bol Park Burros
We drove over to Bol park for a walk to see the donkey's. I continued the walk back home and Lou and Dawn headed back to the car. Lou's knee still doesn't like longer walks. In the afternoon I decided to walk down to Walgreen's (.5mi) but they didn't have what I needed so I had a delema. Walk back home with nothing or walk on to CVS (another 1mi) to get what I needed. I walked on. when I returned, Lou wonder why it took so long to visit Walgreeen's. Shepard's pie for dinner. 

Sunday: (12/25) Merry Christmas! Darn, no snow, but it is nice and cold. Lou made a nice bacon eggs and potato breakfast. Ernie fixed a nice dinner. I was busy setting up Dawn's new label printer and Dawn tried out some writers software tools. Our neighbors Melie, Ping and Anan joined Courtney, Dawn, Lou and I for dinner. Cranberry roaast beef, cranberry and pistachio rice, spinach salad with oranges and craisins, brocolli, pineapple, and then there were the orderves. We watched the Santa Claus Movie after dinner. 

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