Monday, December 26, 2011

Between Holidays

Monday: (12/26) Granola for breakfast. Pad Thai with egg rolls at LUU Noodle House for lunch. In the afternoon I did venture out to the shop with the intent of doing some welding but found that both my gas tanks were empty. Of course it's a long holiday for my supply house so I guess can take the rest of the week off as well. Leftover cranberry roast with cranberry pistachio rice and broccoli for dinner. Lou was busy sewing and I tinkered on the computer most of the rest of the day.

Tuesday: (12/27) I cooked eggs, sausage and toasted dinner rolls for breakfast. Leftovers du jour for lunch. Lou had an appointment at Kaiser Santa Clara in the afternoon so I dropped her off and then went to the Cupertino Library nearby. I tried to get a wiring diagram for the old car which was supposed to be available per their Internet site. The service manual couldn't be located, neither one of the two copies that were supposedly in their reference section. They did have some information available online so I'll have to see if the ignition switch diagrams that I got help any. Dinner was baked chicken.

Wednesday: (12/28) Latkas with apple sauce and yogurt and some Canadian bacon for breakfast. After breakfast I tinkered at the computer to link my Facebook and Twitter accounts to this blog. Now when I post a Travel category item to this blog an excerpt and a link will appear on my Facebook wall as well and a tweet will be sent to Twitter. That should make my ignored Facebook and Twitter accounts have more posts from me. we had soup for lunch. Lou went up to Redwood City to the DMV but the crowd was out the door. They must really be putting on a show to try to justify a bigger budget. That or an awful lot of people got new cars for Christmas? I assisted in capturing a little lost dog running around the neighborhood and then took a walk and visited Fry's Electronics store. For dinner I prepared Spanish rice with Italian sausage, an international meal.

Thursday: (12/29) I made Don McMuffins for breakfast. Lou and I read the two local free newspapers out front with Wolfie, Ernie's doggie. He really likes to visit. Dawn and her friend Andrea visited. Lou and I left about noon and headed to San Mateo to the DMV. She had an appointment at 1:35. We were out by 1:40. We stopped in downtown San Mateo for lunch at Poncho Villa's Taqueria. We shared a dinner of chili relleno, enchilada and a flauta and added a fish taco. The food was excellent and we were stuffed. We took a short walk around downtown then headed toward home with the mandatory visit to several thrift stores on the way home. In Redwood City we found a nice futon mattress that we can use to replace the foam in Ernie's dinette cushions. The cotton cushion should hold up better than the foam. For dinner Lou made macaroni and cheese with pineapple rings and some of Dawn's fresh cranberry bread. After dinner I took Dawn and Andrea to the used book store in Mountain View.

Friday: (12/30) Leftover rice with milk for breakfast. Leftover Spanish rice for lunch. I tinkered at home while Lou did the laundry and some shopping. We cut the futon mattress we got the other day into RV dinette sized cushions for Ernie's dinette. The cotton material isn't easy to cut but we rigged up a way to do it. Lots of plywood pieces to clamp it and leave a slot for a bread knife to cut it. It turned out with a nice edge when we were through. Macaroni an cheese leftovers for dinner.

Saturday: (12/31) The last day of the year. How the time flies. I prepared Canadian bacon Don McMuffins for breakfast. For lunch we went down to Mountain View to the Lucky Chinese restaurant and shared a couple of combos. While there, we stopped at Target and bought something I didn't think we'd ever get again, an alarm clock for our bedroom. We haven't had a clock in our bedroom for possibly 20 years. Dawn brought one in while we were gone when she stayed here and it was still there when we returned. We got used to being able to check the time so when Dawn recovered hers, we decided to get one of our own. Lou's been busy working on the cushion replacements.

Dawn Lou and Courtney Skyping With Cecilia
We video Skyped with Courtney's mom in Massachusetts.

Sunday: (01/01) The Rose Parade should happen on the morning of January first, shouldn't it. It didn't today. It's only happened to me, un-noticed, eight previous times. The parade actually never happens on a Sunday because it might scare the horses in front of the churches. I understand the reason for the official New Year's holiday being on a Monday when it actually falls on a Sunday like today. Who wants to miss out on a day off. This shows how much I pay attention.

New Years Breakfast
Lou fixed cheese omelets for breakfast. We tinkered around all morning. Lunch was leftover pizza. After lunch we headed down to the Great Mall in Milpitas. It was an old Ford Motor Company assembly plant turned discount mall. When we returned home we had chicken with a cucumber salad and corn on the cob for dinner.

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