Friday, April 6, 2012

A New Accent

Friday: (04/06) No not a different language. I finished off the corned beef hash while Lou had corn meal mush for breakfast. Lou and I stopped by Stevens Creek Hyundai so we could test drive our new car replacement model. One concern was whether the ride in such a small car as the Hyundai Accent would be too bumpy or whether the steering wheel would aggravate Lou's wrists. We took a test drive and neither were problems. The stock was thin so the model we test drove wasn't a hatchback and wasn't the model with the larger tires which we thought would be needed for ride improvement. We determined the ride was OK so the larger tires weren't needed but we still wanted to check out the hatchback. Unfortunately, they didn't have any on the lot. In fact, the one we had driven was the only Accent on the lot. When they come in, they go out immediately. That was corrected as they unloaded a new batch from the delivery truck before we left. Off came a white hatchback with the larger tires, just what we were looking for. We tried it out for size but couldn't test drive it until it was inspected. We put a deposit on the vehicle, since they are rare and returned later to test drive it. We picked up Dawn and went to lunch at Country Inn in Cupertino. I had chili rellenos while Lou and Dawn had Swedish pancakes.  We then returned home for the checkbook. Today was going to be a test drive but turned into a purchase. The car was ready for a test drive when we returned. It performed similar to the previous vehicle. We signed on the dotted line and then waited for the car to be detailed and prepped. After a detailed orientation Lou and I tossed a coin and I drove off in the new car. Ha Ha!. Of course Lou says this is my birthday present, which is OK with me. The last present like this was the motorhome nine years ago for my birthday.  It's nice to have a vehicle that can pass a gas station. It has a range of about 400 miles and can be filled up for less that $50! We finally made it home about 6pm. Turned into a long day. Ham, baked potatoes and sliced peppers for dinner. Now we'll need to take a little trip too get a good trial on the new car. Before we left they had sold at least one clone of the car.

Our New Hyundai Accent Our New Hyundai Accent
Our new toy, a Hyundai Accent. Not much bigger than an enclosed roller skate but seats four adults comfortably. It's also the only small car that I fit in without bumping my head.

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