Monday, April 16, 2012

The Future OF Flash

Monday: (04/16) I had planned on catching the train to San Francisco early but the system was shut down for a couple of hours because of a suicide on the tracks. So, I wasn't in a hurry to catch a train and wait onboard. We all went out breakfast at IKEA. Breakfast is free on Mondays.  We added some Swedish pancakes to the free breakfast and tea. Expensive breakfast for three = $2.

Lou dropped be off at the train station and I caught the 11:37 train which got me to San Francisco about 12:40. I caught the #30 bus out to it's end in the Marina District and walked over to the Palace Of Fine Arts, the site of the old Pan American Exposition in 1915.

San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts
The "Palace was rebuilt in 1959 and then remodeled again just recently. It looks about the same but is now seismically updated.

San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco Palace Of Fine Arts
A very popular location for wedding photos.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the West Marina. I did some geocaching in the area then walked back to the North Beach District and had dinner at Buster's Cheese Steak restaurant. I had a Phily Swiss cheese steak sandwich. Quite good! I then walked through China Town and then caught a bus back toward the train station.

My meeting at Adobe is near the station. I enjoyed a slice of pizza at the meeting as well. The meeting was another BAADAUG meeting about the Future Of Flash, one of Adobes products. It was quite informative. the first half of the meeting was mostly an apology from the company about the way the canceled Flex support and to clarify their plans for Flash which is closely related. The second half was about gaming using Flash. All very interesting. I caught the 22:40 train back to Palo Alto.

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