Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Visit With Helen

Sunday: (04/22) It's already hot at 8am. I think I'll need to find a shady tree and a breeze while we're here? We went out to a late breakfast to IHOP restaurant. There was a bit of a wait. Helen and I had Swedish pancakes with eggs and sausage. awn had bacon wrapped steak with eggs and hash browned potatoes. After breakfast (lunch) we went on a tour of the towns thrift stores. Dawn enjoyed the Goodwill bookstore, one of their specialty shops. She came away with a bag full. We had sherbert and cream puffs for an afternoon snack. Helen had a meeting at church so Dawn and i went to dinner at Marie Callendar's. Dawn had a bowl of vegetable soup and I had BBQ ribs and shrimp.

(04/23) Helen fixed bacon eggs and toast for breakfast.

Don Enjoying His Dewars Peanut Butter Milk Shake
About 2:30 we stopped by Dewar's Ice Cream Shop and had milk shakes for lunch. Above is why there are few pictures of me in this blog. This is me happy.

KFC chicken for dinner. We toured several of the thrift shops we missed yesterday.

Tuesday: (04/24) Breakfast at Anna Kaye's Restaurant on oak Street. Dawn had a Hobo omelet and Helen and I had a Philly omelet. Very good omelets. No lunch needed.

Bakersfield Pioneer Village Bakersfield Pioneer Village
We visited Pioneer Village Museum on North Chester Avenue. Their collection of old buildings is very well laid out as an old town. The village is much like visiting the town a hundred years ago.

Bakersfield Pioneer Village Bakersfield Pioneer Village
Quaint streets in Pioneer Village. The old service station on the right looks as good as new.

Bakersfield Pioneer Village Fairhaven Pump House Bakersfield Pioneer Village
I still love to seeing the old Fairhaven Pump House from about a block from where I was raised and where I waited for the school bus. It is now part of the village. The displays of old oil field equipment and their oil well museum are also great. I was raised in a neighborhood where the oil producing equipment on the right was a common sight.

We then drove out to Hart park where we saw about 10 peacocks fanning their tails in mating dances at the same time. We've never seen spome many at the same time before. Dinner was leftover KFC with tomatoes.

Wednesday: (04/25) No breakfast. We finished packing up to leave. Helen's sister Lusseta came over and we went to lunch at the Kountry Kitchen Restaurant, Hwy 99 and White Road. Helen and I had their Chicken Fried Steak, Dawn had a half cobb salad which was huge at only half. We finally hit the road after our goodbyes about 1345. Dawn and I stopped in Clovis at a the Gluten Free Please Bakery at Clovis Ave and Herndon Avenue. Dawn picked up a few items. We then stopped for a look around the TSC farm supply store in Los Banos then at Target for a longer walk since it was raining. Dinner was a Pizza Hut chicken artichoke pesto flat bread. We arrived home about 10 pm.

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