Sunday, April 8, 2012


Saturday: (04/07) Lou was busy buzzing around in the new car. There were rummage and garage sales to get to. She, Dawn and Meili made the rounds and Dawn came back with a library chair, the kind of old oak chair that unfolds into a ladder. I tinkered some in the shop but mostly continued in the relaxation mode. Lou started the day making Swiss pancakes. They were topped with apricot butter. Pretty good but evidently far too much work, according to Lou. Hot and sour soup for dinner.

Sunday: (04/08) A nice sunny Easter day. Breakfast was chocolate fondue with fruit and ham.

Easter Dinner 2012
BBQ ribs or salmon with potato salad, carrot apple and craisen salad, and baked beans for dinner. Ernie, Meili and Courtney joined us.

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