Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Birthday

Thursday: (04/26) Today is my birthday. I cooked home fried potatoes with hotdogs and eggs for breakfast. Lou had a doctors appointment this morning. I unpacked and tinkered at home all day. She stopped in Mountain View on the way home ant the Hong Kong Bakery and picked up a few things for lunch.  I had a pork bun and an egg tart for lunch. About 5pm we headed off to Campbell to pick up Dawn. We had dinner at the Outback Restaurant at the Prune yard Shopping Center. First time we've been there. We all had their special steak dinner served with a baked potato and a salad. It also included a desert of a little ice cream, some apple compote, and some fried donuts.

Friday: (04/27) Lou made ham hash with eggs for breakfast. Leftover chicken and either sweet potato or regular French fries for lunch. I had the regular, Lou the sweet. Grilled cheese and pineapple carrot salad for dinner. I tinkered in the office most of the day. Lou framed some pictures we picked up in Alaska. She collected two semi matching metal frames at thrift stores, cut them to the needed size, Painted them and mounted the pictures.

Saturday: (04/28) Leftover ham hash with eggs for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy visiting garage and estate sales. I did the laundry. Ramen noodles with hot dogs for lunch. Broccoli mashed potatoes, BBQ steak and carrot salad for dinner. We watched the netflix movie J Edgar Hoover this evening.

Sunday: (04/29) Lou said I could decide where we should go for breakfast today. But first, she and Dawn were off in search of some unusual flours to make gluten free bread and other things. Dawn has become sensitive to wheat. They tried Whole foods, Sprouts, Wallmart, The European market and finally found an Indian Market. The Indian Market had a huge assortment of flours but had one problem, they were labeled in an Indian language. The proprietor was very helpful and translated the labels. The flour at the Indian store was way cheaper then at the other stores. They have added the store as a prime source now. When they finally returned we went to a new restaurant named A Good Morning in Los Altos. We've noticed it before but hadn't tried it until today. There was a bit of a wait getting our breakfast, possibly due to a rugby team of about 30 people that had stopped by for breakfast. I had their country fried steak with eggs and hashbrowns, possibly the best CFS I've had recently. Lou and Dawn shared a sampler breakfast. It had sausage, ham, corned beef hash, country potatoes and eggs. Everything was good so we added this place to our places to return to list. At breakfast, Lou and Dawn gave me a car and birthday present. Only a few days late bu woth the wait.  i didn't mention it on Thursday sine we went out to a nice restaurant anyway an Ernie had made a cake. Ernie even mentioned that he hadn't put candles on the cake because it would have been a fire hazard. Ha ha!. Lou and Dawn didn't catch on thwn

When we returned home Lou and Dawn were busy cleaning in the house. I washed the cars an RV a,d vacuumed them. I also cleaned some more mud from the gutter. A lot of mud was left in the gutter when the water main broke a while back. I cleaned up in front of our house before so we wouldn't be stepping in the mud or tracking it into the driveway. of course, the mud our neighbors didn't cleanup has flowed into the front of our place again. So today, i cleaned up in front of our house and both neighbors. I also parked our cars in front of our house and the neighbors so that when the street sweeper comes tomorrow morning, I can move all the cars and the sweeper can come trough and clean up even more. Maybe eventually it will all be gone. Lou made steak with rice an artichokes for dinner. For desert we had some chocolate gluten free cake for desert.

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