Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rain Coming

Sunday: (10/21) Lou made ham, eggs and home fried potatoes for breakfast. In anticipation of our first real rain storm of the year, that is supposed to arrive tonight, I put the temporary wall back onto the green house as well as putting the doors back on. it.s ready for a storm now. I also finally did a little work on the walkway pouring some of the edge and leveling out the remaining baserock at the back of the house. Now, I need to calculate how much more rock is needed to complete the walk across the back of the house. The existing only provided about 1/4 of what is needed. For lunch I had cottage cheese with fruit and some chili. Lou was off picking up Courtney at the airport. Lou made some rice noodles with bacon and sunchokes.

Wilton Walkway Wilton Greenhouse
Monday: (10/22) It rained pretty good last night but only a little in the morning and was mosly clear in the afternoon. I tried to take advantage of the rain and work inside on the computer but, due to the uncooperative weather, was able to get out to do a couple of things. Due to the rain and winter like weather approahing i decided to put the wall back on the greenhouse and reinstall its doors. I won't be finishing the building that would provide the wall this season.  I ordered some more baserock to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the weather report is correct and it doesn't rain. It has a 10% chance of rain. Homemade gluten free cinnamon roll for breakfast. Chili beans for lunch. KFC chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/23) Cereal and bananas for breakfast. Lou was off on errands early. I tinkered inside all morning. I had chili beans for lunch. After lunch I went outside and moved a few things around in preparation to generate another pile of dirt in a new place. I had received a call from California Camper Repair asking me to come by and approve the paint color before they seal it. I said I'd stop by in the afternoon. I also got a call from the tenants in San Jose that their heater didn't work. I have to go there as well. In addition, I had the load of base rock being delivered this afternoon. The rock arrived at 2pm and then I headed over to Newark to look at the RV. It looks very good and I should get it back tomorrow or the next day. I then went down to San Jose to look at the heater. Unfortunately, I forgot the keys so I waited for the tenants to come home. When I checked the heater, I found that the thermostat seemed to be working properly and the circuit breaker wasn't tripped. That was all I could do without keys since the heater is in the attic and the attic is only accessible from Dawn's apartment for which I had no keys. Darn! I returned home and picked up the keys and had dinner of spaghetti squash with myzithara cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Lou was busy cleaning our heater. After dinner I returned to San Jose.

Wednesday: (10/24) I had an apple fritter that I picked up last night for breakfast. I had signed up for a webinar for 8am so I wanted to be ready. Lou had cereal. I tinkered around the rest of the morning at home, inside. We had some heavy showers before I got up and some light showers in the outside was pretty wet. A little before noon i got a call to come pickup the RV. I had a chili relleno, enchilada and a taco combo at El Grulense restaurant down the street then headed over to get the RV. It looks great now. California Camper Repair does good work. When I got home, I got to work and did some digging. I couldn't park the RV in the driveway because i had the base rock dumped in part of it's space so I need to get the walkway area ready to accept the rock. i got about half done. Since it's so wet, I have to lay out boards so I don't distroy the lawn rolling heavy loads over it. For dinner Lou had picked up a roasted chicken and added some tomatoes and peppers from the garden.

Thursday: (10/25) Don McMuffins for breakfast. Even though the weather was pretty good, only a little showering, i didn't rush outside to work. I tinkered inside and enjoyed it. Lunch was cottage cheese and fruit. Lou was out busy with appointments and shopping this morning and enjoyed her LUU noodles for lunch. I did get out to work in the afternoon and finished the rough digout for the walkway. Still have to fine tune it to the needed depth, about another inch or two. depending on grade. Lou made lemon grass soup with chicken, mushrooms, and ginger for dinner.

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