Sunday, October 14, 2012

RV Body Work

Saturday: (10/13) I started the morning by scheduling my next hike for this Friday. We'll hike the Los Tracnos Preserve. It's much easier being a follower than a leader. I can't wait for our usual leader to get back from his trip to Africa. I also did some more research for two other hikes. Ernie took me to Joanie's Restaurant for breakfast (lunch). I had a shrimp avocado and green onion omelet. Ernie had ordinary bacon and eggs. I tinkered with a task list. I cut some wood for Lou, Stopped by Fry's Electronics and got a good deal on a case for the new laptop. And a bunch of other things. For dinner, I stopped by El Gruellense Mexican Restaurant down the street and took a dinner to go. I stopped by and fed the cat and myself. I had a chili relleno, enchilada and flauta combo, all quite good.

Sunday: (10/14) I started my morning, about 10am, by visiting Spunky, Courtney's cat that I'm taking care of. After the cat was well fed, played with and otherwise taken care of, it was my turn. I stopped by the Hong Kong Bakery in Mountain View for a few things. A potato donut (something like a raised donut filled with a curry potato stew), a pork bun, and some egg tarts. This served as breakfast and lunch. When I finally got to work. I cleaned out the RV, removing anything of value, vacuuming it, and washed it. Now it's ready to go get it's ouch fixed. Lou and Dawn returned early about 16:30. Lou and I went to dinner at LUU Noodle House for some pad Thai plates and some egg rolls. Dawn went to her story telling group meeting.

Monday: (10/15) I was up very early. I hooked up the Jeep to the RV and was on the road at 0610. I wanted to get over to Fremont to California Camper Repair before the traffic picked up too much. When I started the RV, I heard a sound I haven't heard before. Some pump was running and continued to run. A vacuum or air pump. I've never heard it before. Possibly something to do with the air springs up front? Unusual for something like this to occur on the way to the shop rather than the day after. Something else for them to fix. I disconnected the Jeep at a nearby shopping center because there was no parking near the shop. Since I had 45 minutes before they opened, I stopped in at Jack In The Box for a Ultimate Croissant breakfast. I dropped the RV off at the shop at 0800. The shopping center I was parked at had a Harbor Freight store as well. I stopped in for a few things I "needed". When I got back home I went over to feed the Spunky the cat. My lunch was Chili and sausage. Lou and Dawn were busy wit happointments and enjoyed lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Jose. Dinner was leftover artichoke chicken with rice and sesame pineapple coleslaw.

Tuesday: (10/16) Lou made sausage, eggs and home fried potatoes for breakfast. She has now re-taken the cat sitting duties. I tinkered in the office most of the day. Lunch was a Chinese cabbage and tofu salad. For dinner we stopped by the old Spaghetti Factory in Redwood City for some mizithra cheese spaghetti dinners. We also did a little grocery shopping at the Grocery Outlet there before heading home. Dawn stopped by Keplers Book Store in Menlo Park for their grand reopening. Keplers is an old independent bookstore.

Wednesday: (10/17) Cereal for breakfast. Lou was off early. I visited Spunky the cat and did a few things in the yard. Lou brought lunch home from Hong Kong bakery. I had a baked pork bun and she had something like a Chinese tomale. A rice flour pork and sausage filled thing. For dinner Lou made chow mein.

Thursday: (10/18) Don McMuffin for breakfast. Tinkering in the yard and putting things away in the shop in the morning. Chili for lunch. Worked on the walkway a little. It seems to be hard to get going again.  Lou made a pot of chili for dinner.

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