Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Rock Pile Gone

Half The Rock Pile Remains Blocking The RV From The Driveway  RV Parked Across Wilton Driveway
Sunday: (10/28) Lou was off early to pick up a couple of things and beat the crowd at Walmart's. I was off to Lingsol Garden Supply in Redwood City to get more geo-textile fabric. I ran short by about 15 feet for the walkway.

Wilton Walkway  Wilton Walkway
I installed the fabric, set the forms and started moving more base rock. I also poured the concrete for the edge.

The driveway is now cleared for the RV to move back in off the street. We had a really nice day, warm and no rain. Just right for me to work my back to its limit, so, tomorrow will be a day off.

Lou's Blind Cleaning Rack
Lou was busy cleaning the blinds from the RV and planning the layout in her future pottery shed.

Donuts for breakfast. Cheese burgers with our fine vine ripened tomatoes from the garden on gluten free buns that Lou baked. For dinner Lou made Iranian chicken salad.

Monday: (10/29) Quinoa with banana, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and kifer for breakfast.

Another Dirt Pile Wilton Walkway
Above left is my leftover dirt piled in a new location. Status photo of walkway to be on right.

Wilton Greenhouse Tomatoes  Wilton Greenhouse
Some tomatoes in the green house and some flowers as well.

Motorhome And Jeep Back In The Driveway  Wilton Walkway Leftover Base-rock
I started my day with a trip in the RV to get LPG. It was bone dry. I then put it back in the driveway and moved the Jeep in as well. Above right shows the leftover base-rock pile behind the RV.

I was thinking of taking the day off and doing a San Francisco walk-about but with the crowds associated with the Giants Victory parade I changed to a local walk. I walked up to Menlo Park and caught a bus up to Redwood City and looked around there. I had lunch at La Victoria Taqueria where I enjoyed a carnitas torta. I made it back home by 5pm. Lou was off to an appointment this morning.

Lou made fish with rice and Brussels sprouts for dinner. I spent some time getting some recent photos up on the blog.

Tuesday: (10/30) I tried hard to relax today working inside on the computer and studying my voters materials trying to decide how to vote. I tried, but Lou enticed me outside to have lunch and then I did some work.

Wilton Rear Walkway
I stripped the rest of the forms, trimmed the geo-textile fabric around the edges of the walkway, topped off the base-rock using up the entire remaining rock, and finally ran the tamper over it all. It looks pretty good now. One other reason I finished it was that it was supposed to rain but now the forecast rain has drifted back a day. Now I'll have to spend some time transporting more bricks from Home Depot to finish the walkway.

When I came inside, I checked online with Fedex on the status of a delivery. I had just checked on the porch before checking the status online. Fedex said it was delivered so I went out to look again and there it was. Couldn't have been there more than five minutes. I had been waiting for my new USB mobile monitor.

USB Monitor
Here is the new monitor next to the new laptop. Really handy to hookup since it only required a single USB cable for power and video.

I also finished my ballot studies. Lou was busy much of the day doing the laundry.

Buckwheat cereal for breakfast. Grilled cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch. Corn on the cob, baked potatoes with meatloaf for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/31) I had a Don McMuffin for breakfast while Lou had cereal. I spent most of the day shopping for materials. I stopped by Home Depot and got some cement and a few bricks. They didn't have the anchors I needed to anchor the walls to the floor for Lou's building so I stopped by Orchard Hardware where they did have what I needed. In order to finish the walkway in front of her shed I need to install a short concrete wall so the rock isn't in direct contact with the wood for the walls. I also considered getting the pavers for the walkway across the rear of the house but decided not to and to save my back which isn't too happy today.

Google Self Driven Car
I saw one of the Google self driven cars while I was out shopping.

Lou made salmon chowder for lunch. After lunch we went to Home Depot again. Lou needed some things and I needed some more stuff. I should create a list? Home Depot didn't have what either of us needed so off we went to Lowe's. We are picky. Lou got some plywood and had it cut to size. I got a PVC corrugated panel and a bunch of PVC pipe and fittings for the sprinklers and sprinkler valve wires. Now we may have to actually do some work to get rid of these materials. But hopefully our rain returns, as forecast, and we won't be able to work outside and can have another day off. For dinner Lou made lemon grass and corn soup with toast.

Thursday: (11/01) I spent the day relaxing. We had some rain last night and this morning. Lou was out with appointments in the morning and shopping much of the rest of the day. Dawn baked muffins with sausage for breakfast. Leftover salmon with potatoes and some meatloaf for lunch. LUU Noodle House for dinner.

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