Saturday, October 6, 2012

Silicon Valley Code Camp At Foothill College

Saturday: (10/06) I was up fairly early and enjoyed cereal with banana, yogurt and honey.for breakfast. I was then off early to attend Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College. Interesting and free, what more could I want.  I was there until 6pm attending seminars on everything web and programming related. Lunch was provided by the Code Camp. I had pizza and chips because the sandwich line wasn't moving. Lou and Dawn were busy with their usual weekend activities and also preparing to go on a little trip to Sacramento. Fresno, and Bakersfield starting tomorrow. For dinner we all went out to Sweet Tomato's restaurant.

Sunday: (10/07) Lou made fried muffins with ham and eggs for breakfast. I was off again to the Silicon Valley Code Camp. Another interesting and informative day. Lou and Dawn headed for Sacramento about 14:30. I made it home about 16:30. I had pizza for lunch at the Code Camp and pizza for dinner compliments of Papa John's. I got one of their two million pizza give away pizzas which Ernie and I enjoyed. Pizza is good anytime.

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