Monday, January 14, 2013

Aunt Helen's Place In Bakersfield

Monday: (01/14) We made it to Bakersfield about 3:30 and pulled in at my Aunt Helen's place. We'll be here a few days to visit. For dinner we went to Milt's restaurant for deep pit BBQ beef dinners. I love deep pit BBQ beef! This trip seems to be a dining tour so far. So good! I'm hoping that the weather forecast of this cold spell ending on Thursday turns out to be true. Nice to be here again. I think my last visit was in July.
(GPS: 35.36532, -119.0511)

Tuesday: (01/15) Helen had an appointment in the morning so we relaxed then went to La Valerta Mexican Market for brunch. I had a chili relleno plate, Lou and Dawn shared a goat stew plate and Helen had tacos. We shared a champurrado (hot cocoa) and a horchata (rice) drinks with our lunch. Helen had another appointment in the afternoon so Lou and Dawn were out thrifting. I tinkered at home. Early dinner at the Golden Corral. Helen and I visited Lowe's and Home Depot for quotes on a new vertical blind for her family room.

Wednesday: (01/16) Shopping at Walmart. Helen picked up a new vertical blind for her family room. They had a nice one for $27. Quite a bit different from the @240-280 prices at Lowe's and Home Depot. Theirs would be name brand but Helen can replace it 10 times for the same price from Walmart. I picked up the new windshield wipers that I couldn't get to lock in place so had to return again to get a different brand. Now our windows wipe nicely. I also picked up a tripod of the Smartphone. I may make for better pictures and allow me to be in more shots when I get a timed camera app for it as well. I also found the replacement bumper I need for one of our RV's compartment doors there. I had checked several hardware stores and didn't find what I wanted. On the way home I stopped and had the Jeep's oil changed. I have sort of ignored it intending to get the oil changed for a while. Actually the last oil change was in Ancorage, Alaska 15 months and 6000 miles ago. The miles weren't bad but the time period was a 'bit" long. In the evening Lou and I installed the new blind. That last oil change was when the Jeep caught on fire afterwords due to a rag left on the skid plate. It turns out the skid plate is going to be a problem on every oil change. Changing the filter causes a spill of oil on the plate. I may have to look at how to create an opening while still protecting the engine. A late breakfast at IHOP. Steak and eggs for Dawn and Lou, Steak omelet for myself and Swedish pancakes for Helen. Lou made chili and Dawn made corn bread for dinner.

Thursday: (01/17) Cereal for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were out thrifting in the morning. Helen had an appointment. I tinkered. Lunch at the Roadhouse. I had pot roast, Lou and Dawn tri-tip and Helen a hamburger. After lunch we visited the Goodwill bookstore and Dawn came away with a big bag of books. Then we visited the Winco Market for a few things. Today has turned out to be a mostly nice warm day. Dinner was roast chicken and leftover chili. Laundry will be done by the time we leave tomorrow.

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