Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy In Yuma

Monday: (01/28) Pancakes with smoked pork for breakfast. It was windy all day. We relaxed at home most of the day. Our major task for the day was driving a few miles down to the Bard Post Office to pick up our package of mail. We then stopped at Sun Garden Date Farm for date milk shakes for lunch and to stock up with some dates for snacks. Black bean chili with corn bread for dinner.

Yuma Bridge To Nowhere Yuma Bridge To Nowhere
Tuesday: (01/29) Oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. We headed into town with our task list. We stopped by the McPhaul Bridge sometimes known as the Bridge To Nowhere. It's a suspension bridge similar to the Golden Gate Bridge as is said to have been designed by the same man several years earlier. Next stop was the Redwing shoe store on Fortuna Road to order new hiking boots. I bought some Vasque boots there three years ago and they fit perfectly. I then bought replacements two years ago and they were great as well. But they are now worn out. Since I've had such good luck buying them here in Yuma and have had such bad luck with other brands having to be broken in to be comfortable while the Vasque always are perfect from day one I'm going to continue coming here to get them. We also dropped off  package at the Post Office.Then it was lunch time for lunch at the Eat Chinese Buffet. Excellent food. Next task was a stop at the airport to ask some questions about Dawn's flight home. Them while Dawn shopped at Hastings media store Lou and I did the laundry. It looked like we'd finish in time so I RSVP'd for a hike this evening. I needed to get a head light so I could see where I was going for the hike so we stopped at Lowe's and they had one. I also got a couple of PVC conduit sweep ells to use to mount our Wilson Cell antenna to our TV mast later. We made a hurried stop at the market then dashed back home. I made a sandwich quickly and we unloaded everything and I dashed off to the hike about 20 minutes late.

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