Saturday, January 12, 2013

On The Road Again

Saturday: (01/12) We started the day with breakfast at our local Subway sandwich shop. We were then busy getting ready to leave. I started by installing the new driver and passenger window valences. They do look better than the old stained fabric valences. I then packed my clothes and all my other stuff that wandered into the house. Lou and Dawn were busy doing their final packing and final cleaning of the RV interior. We went to lunch at LUU Noodle House. We finally pulled away from the house at 2:30. We made it a mile and a half but in reviewing things like do you have your phone? your wallet? your passport? we realized we didn't have Dawn's passport so we returned for it so our actual departure was about 2:50. We stopped for ice cream in Greenfield. Even though we're in a freezing weather period there's always an appetite for ice cream. We pulled in to the Pismo Beach State park, North Campground a little after 8pm. Ham, avocado and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

(GPS: 35.13032393, -120.63566358)

Sunday: (01/13) We took a little walk around the campground and decided to move to a site that was empty but not available last night per the sign at the entrance station. We considered it fair game in the morning. So we moved from #17 to #27 with our favored view of the dunes and a quick path to the beach.  ranger stopped by and we explained our campsite change and gave him our registration fee for another night. It turns out that this "Prime" site is held vacant so that some park worker can occupy it during the week. It seems to us that there are two things wrong with this type of management of our parks. First, why is the help using prime sites? Second, why do they hold the site vacant when it is not needed. No wonder California State parks are is such a mess. They need to think like a business and consider their customers. Enough ranting for the moment. We went over to Francisco's Country Cafe for breakfast. i had their corned beef hash while Lou and Dawn shared an International (a combination) omelet. We then stopped by a Smart and Final Extra market. The extra seemed to mean it is a full market. We did find most of what we needed there. Another stop for a thrift store and for me to look around an RV parts store and we returned to camp to relax from our hectic morning. While the weather is rather cold, in the sun it isn't too bad today. It's nice to finally relax some. We went to the Pismo Beach Fish And Chips restaurant for a late lunch. I had the regular batter fish with coleslaw. Lou had the same fish but grilled with no batter served with fries. Dawn had steamed clams. Now our culinary tour of the area is complete. Dawn visited Nan's book store while Lou and I toured the local hardware store and a view RV's at a nearby dealer. Another nicely wasted day. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with steamed carrots and broccoli for dinner.
(GPS: 35.12924, -120.6357)
Pismo Beach SP Pismo Beach SP Site 27
Pismo Beach (left) Our site #27 at North Campgound, Pismo Beach State park (right).

Monday: (01/14) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Dawn and I took a walk on the beach on this rather brisk (mid 30's) morning. We also stopped by to look at the Monarch butterflies that winter here. When we returned, Lou was visiting with our neighbors from Washing ton State. While Lou and Dawn tried to visit some thrift shops, I prepared to leave, did tank duty and then met them in downtown Pismo Beach. They have a really nice magazine t=shop there Dawn likes to visit. Lou and Dawn had little luck thrifting to day as most of the thrift stores ar closed on Monday. We gassed up the RV and hit the road toward Bakersfield abou 12:30. Lunch was cheese, ham and crackers along the way. We made it to Bakersfield about 3:30.

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