Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunny Daze In Yuma

Wednesday: (01/30) Nice sunny day at home. I called and the part for the jeep is in town but won't be delivered until the afternoon so we'll go tomorrow. I finally installed the Wilson cell phone range extender and we now have a usable cell signal at our dining table. It isn't permanently installed yet but I know it works and how it can be mounted. Mostly we lounged around at home. Cereal for breakfast. Zucchini with sausage for lunch. Spinach salad for dinner.

Thursday: (01/31) Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. First order of business after checking that the dealer had the part for the jeep was to reserve a flight for Dawn. We decided to drive up to Las Vegas for her flight since they had direct flights from there to San Francisco. I fiddled online trying to make a reservation but United's website wasn't working and I ended up with three charges but no confirm number nor email with it. Talking to a real person is very difficult but when I finally reached one, they were able to cancel two of the reservations, and manually send me a confirmation number. It only took a couple of hours. Isn't progress wonderful. That made us later than planned getting in to town. On the way into town we stopped at Imperial Dates for date  shakes. I dropped Dawn and Lou off on the North end of Fourth Street and they looked around at thrift stores then stopped for lunch of corned beef and cabbage at Brownie's Cafe. I dropped the Jeep off and browsed around nearby at various stores. The new leak detector pump part was installed in the Jeep by 3pm.  Lou and Dawn caught a ride and met me at the dealer and we dashed off to the Arizona Flea market for a quick peek. I nibbled my late lunch of stuff from the car. We then stopped at Walmart for a few things before heading home. Dinner was smoked pork with asparagus and rice. Lou and Dawn had squash as well.

Friday: (02/01) While Lou and Dawn were off showering at Squaw Lake (No not in the lake. They have showers in the campground there.) I was busy removing the TV and cell phone antenna and lowering the solar panels. Then I took a shower in the RV. I prefer the RV shower and you also need some gray water to flush the black water so I do my part. Breakfast was smoked pork chops and eggs. We said good by to our neighbors and then drove over to do our tank duties before hooking up the Jeep and hitting the road. We drove through the Army's Yuma Proving Grounds and caught Highway 95 North to Quartzsite. First stop was the general Store for more of their sausage.  It was lunch time so Lou and Dawn headed to Silly Al's for a Greek salad and I headed to the Grubstake for Fish and Chips. I like the fish and chips and since they are breaded Lou and Dawn don't eat them now. With all this important work done we continued up Highway 95 to Parker where I stopped and filled the LPG tank. I forgot to do it in Quartzsite and it was empty. Parker is getting busy with the Parker 425 race this weekend so we'll be missing that this year. We stopped in Lake Havasu for me to take a nap and Lou and Dawn to check out a thrift store. We continued on to Highway 40 where we stopped at Love's truck stop for gas. We finally made it to Bullhead City stopping at Davis Camp, a county park for the night. The camp is located across the river from the casinos.

Imperial LTVA From Above Hurricane Hill
Our campsite on Hurricane Ridge at the Senator Wash LTVA. We're the center RV.

Tanks At YPG Tanks At YPG
Some of the tanks on dispaly at the Yuma Proving Grounds. We tried to go see the museum there but it was closed and we didn't get back to it before we left.

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