Saturday, October 19, 2013

Breaking Bad OD

Saturday: (10/19) Our first effort was the weekly grocery shopping run before the crowds. The other major effort of the day was a Breaking Bad marathon. We don’t have cable so with our Netflix subscription, we have a bundle of potential series to catch up on and seem to do marathons to do them. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Spaghetti for dinner.

Sunday: (10/20) I worked on capturing this blog to several PDF files for easier printing and backup. I also ordered a book from the blog entries for our trip to Alaska in 2011. That’s been on the list for a while but Blog2Print wasn’t able to do my self published WordPress blog. I assume it works for Blogger, and WordPress blogs hosted on but not for mine. I had contacted Blog2print about it but they haven’t been able to make it work since I informed them several months ago. They do keep me informed about their progress but no result yet. So, since it works for Blogger, I imported a copy of my WordPress blog into a Blogger blog. It seemed to import correctly so I tried to publish a book from it and it worked. I don’t plan on using the Blogger blog but it is a good backup for my blog as well. You can’t have too many backups. We should have our new coffee table book by the end of the month. About 1900 I headed down to San Jose for the night. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Stuffed green peppers from the garden for lunch. Spaghetti with fresh asparagus for dinner.

Monday: (10/21) Up on the roof early to remove more paint until it got warm about 1300, then I took a siesta. About 1500 I was back at work finishing the right side eaves of the porch. I then moved one of my scaffolds to the front of the porch with a bunch of difficulty since it requires flexing a cypress tree out away from the house. In the evening I made a shopping run and stopped to get dinner. Pancakes and roast beef for breakfast.  Leftover stuffed bell peppers for lunch. A visit to Sweet Tomatoes salad restaurant for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/22) More of the same today. A little work on the roof and a little down below. A bunch of littles hopefully make a big eventually. Granola with diced apple for breakfast. Leftover stuffed bell peppers for lunch. Pork and a toasted English muffin with cheese for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/23) Most of the work above the porch on the roof is finished now. At 1000 I stopped for a webinar on using java.

This is the sod lawn I watched being installed earlier this summer. They installed it because the lawn always seems to die there. Well, it still does.

A breakfast burrito at La Victoria started the day. Lunch was an Italian sausage and cheese burger. For dinner, a super burrito from Super Taqueria.

Thursday: (10/24) I finished the roof top stripping with a long day today. Next week a lot of sanding, filling and caulking are in order. Granola for breakfast. Chili for lunch. A visit to the Home Town Buffet for dinner.

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