Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shopping, A Book and Bluegrass

Saturday: (10/26) A busy day, for one of my recent weekends. Of course, we started with a shopping run to Walmart, Safeway and Sprouts for groceries. We always try to go early, 0700, to beat the crowds. For breakfast I prepared corned beef hash and eggs. In the afternoon, Lou’s friend Connie stopped by for a nice visit. They even took a walk (roll) around the block.

Alaska Blog B ook
In the mail today I received our book, printed from our blog, for our Alaska trip. The book turned out really nice but did point out a need for adding captions to the photos since they don’t print in the same position as in the blog, just near that position so the text describing the photos doesn’t always match. A good proof reading could have prevented the error but i was in a hurry to preserve the trip.

For dinner I made a huge pot of spaghetti providing a lot of leftovers, which is always good warmed up.

After dinner Dawn and I went to a concert presented by the Redwood Bluegrass Association.

RBA The Canote Brothers
The headliners were the Canote Brothers with an opening group of Carol Elizabeth Jones & Laurel Bliss. The opening group played traditional bluegrass while The Canote brothers were hardly bluegrass. Their tunes were all novelty tunes, more of a comedy act, by a couple of twins that also happen to be outstanding musicians. Greg, the violinist is one of the best players I’ve heard. To know what they were like you’d have to hear them, which you can on YouTube.  A couple of the tunes they played at our concert were Wahoo and Missed It By Two. The RBA puts on these concerts every month and they are always great. It’s in intimate room with only 200-300 seats. And, one of my favorite things is the deserts they sell before the show and during the intermission.

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