Friday, October 18, 2013

Stanford Campus and Dish Hike

Friday: (10/18) I fixed yogurt with diced apples for Lou and Dawn. Dawn managed to get food poisoning from our BBQ last night. Last night someone broke the drivers windshield wiper arm off the RV. It will be fun locating a replacement. I removed the damaged arm.

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Then it was time to hike. I did my usual and picked up a Supreme Croissant sandwich and Jack in The Box on the way to my hike.

Stanford Cactus Garden Stanfords Stone River
We started with a look at the cactus garden that has been there since 1850. We also visited the Stone River.

Stanford Oval Stanford Memorial Church
Above, a view looking toward downtown Palo Alto from the Quad. Looking the other way is Memorial Church.

Stanford Hiking Group _20131018_10 Stanford Hidden Garden
The group photo for this hike. Above right is a hidden garden.
Stanford Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden Stanford Dish
A statue from Papua New Guinea in a statue garden with many more. Above right is the big radio dish used for the SETI project.
Stanford View From Dish Hill
A nice view looking down on Palo Alto from Dish Hill. I had 14 hikers for my hike around the Stanford Arboretum and over the Dish Hill. Nice weather for a nice hike. It was 8.3 miles but fortunately a lot of level trails and a short hill to climb. The paved trails are rather tough on the feet for some reason. Good old dirt trails are better. For lunch I picked up our LUU Noodle usuals chow fun noodles, egg rolls and avocado smoothies. Dinner was pork chops, Spanish rice, carrots and tomatoes.

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