Friday, October 11, 2013

Old Page Mill Trail

Alpine Pond  View Down Route Of Old Page Mill Trail
Friday: (10/11) I hiked the old Page Mill Trail and part of the Ancient Oaks Trail today.

Old Page Mill Trail  Old Page Mill Trail
The Old page Mill Trail goes down an old roadbed through a nice forested area. At the bottom, the road/trail is washed out and the trail ends

SJMWH on Old Page Mill Trail_20131011_10 Old Page Mill Trail
I led my San Jose Mid-Week Hikers group and didn’t loose any hikers. I usually figure a 10% lose is acceptable, to me, but haven’t lost any hikers to date. I do return with some hikers claiming I led a death march but they still come back for more. Since the Old Page Mill Trail is only 1.5 miles down, we hike part of the Ancient Oaks Trail in the Russian Ridges OSP to make our usual length of hike.

Old Page Mill Trail And Ancient Oaks Trail
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Here is a neat new feature. You can view this hike using Google Earth. It’s almost like being there!

A sausage and cheese grilled sandwich started my day. Lou and Dawn had already had their lunch by the time I returned. I had cottage cheese and fruit for my lunch. Dinner ??

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