Monday, October 14, 2013

Up On The Roof

Saturday: (10/12) Grocery shopping day early this morning. We headed out at 0700 to Walmart to avoid the crowds. By 0800 The Milk Pail and Sprouts are open to complete our shopping. In the afternoon, Courtney and her sister Dawn, visiting from North Dakota, stopped by for a visit. Lou made bacon eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast. I prepared steak, beaked potatoes and broccoli for dinner.

Sunday: (10/13) Lounging around most of the day. We did take a walk in the neighborhood and looked at a couple of open houses in the afternoon. After dinner I packed up and headed back to San Jose for the night to get an early start on my paint stripping. tomorrow. Dawn made donut holes with bacon for breakfast. Lettuce and fruit salad ala Dawn for lunch.  Zucchini with sausage for dinner.

Monday: (10/14) More paint stripping up on the roof today. I started early because by 1300 it’s too hot to work on the roof. I can still work in shady spots down below. I finished up the right side of the high eaves over the porch. Buttermilk Bar and a sausage for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwich and yogurt for lunch. Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/15) I removed the paint on the short wall above the porch and below the eaves on the right side today and some more under the porch. After quitting and cleanup I visited Harbor Freight to pick up a miter cutoff saw that was on sale for a way low price. I also got a dolly to use with the HEPA vacuum. When it gets fuller, it gets hard to move around and it’s wheels are not great on uneven surfaces. It can hold 90 pounds so it starts for be noticeable when I have to pick it up. Some leftover peach blintzes from the freezer with some pastrami for breakfast. Leftover KFC chicken with a baked potato and some carrots and tomatoes for lunch. Dinner at the Country Inn, chicken fried steak breakfast with Swedish pancakes for dinner.

San Jose Paint Project  San Jose Paint Project
(10/16) I made it over the hump today stripping paint over the porch and under the house eaves. The eaves above the porch are only about two feet higher than the porch roof so there isn’t much room for me to fit in and be able to get the paint off. It’s worst at the peak so work was slow but eventually I persevered and am starting down the other side now. I had to stop work for a 1000 webinar and returned to finish work on the roof at 1300. After lunch I returned to work down below almost finishing the eves on the right side of the porch. The new dolly makes moving the vacuum around a lot easier. Granola with diced apple for breakfast. Roast beef and cheese sandwich with carrots and tomatoes for lunch. Rice and BBQ ribs for dinner.

San Jose Paint Project

Thursday: (10/17) I was up on the roof at 0800 but managed to call it quits early because my hot air gun died. Since I was supposed to wrap up by 2pm and head home early, I just called it quits for the week and stopped by Harbor Freight to get another heat gun on the way home. Breakfast burrito at La Victoria started the day. KFC Cup2Go (chicken strips and fries) snack for lunch.

BBQ Fire Wilton Green House Patio
We BBQ’ed hotdogs over a campfire in the backyard with deviled eggs, macaroni salad and other fixings for dinner.

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