Saturday, December 14, 2013

Moving From Cold To Nice

Saturday: (12/14) A typical Saturday. Off to do the shopping early. Got home a little after 0900 and fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I also started sauerkraut , potatoes and pork chops in the slow cooker. In the afternoon we took another shopping trip to the hardware store for a few things. Busy day, of doing little. Nice to relax. We then enjoyed the slow cooked dinner.

Sunday: (12/15) For breakfast I fried up the leftover pork chop, sauerkraut and potatoes served with eggs. I mounted a little bike flag on Lou’s scooter. It’s removable so it still folds up.  For lunch we went to LUU Noodle House for Lou’s favorite meal, combination Chow Fun, Pad Thai and some egg rolls. After lunch we visited Cost Plus’s World Market and Party America. Lou is looking for novelty gifts. In the evening I drove down to San Jose. For dinner I had cottage cheese and fruit.

SJ Porch Stripping SJ Porch Stripping
Monday: (12/16) I finished stripping the left side of the front of the house as well as around the door. Granola for breakfast. Pork chop with leftover fried sauerkrauted potatoes and carrots for lunch. For dinner a visit to Muchos Restaurant for a chili relleno plate.

SJ Porch Paint Stripping
Tuesday: (12/17) I got out about 0840. I almost finished stripping the right side of the house under the porch. Just a few square feet and the window frames left to do. I got a complaint from the tenant that the smell was making her sick. It hasn’t bothered her before so I was surprised. I also heard a neighbor across the street say something like it smelled like someone was burning plastic and I though she was smelling my air contributions too.  Neither was enough for me to stop though. When I was watching the evening news I found out that it probably wasn’t me. Due to a fire at a recycle center in Redwood City, a forest fire in Big Sur and an already stagnate air situation in the Valley, San Jose air looked like Beijing air today. I never noticed anything. Granola for breakfast. Sausage, dirty rice and carrots for lunch. Lentil soup for dinner.

 Wednesday: (12/18) Another nice day, a cool morning turning into a nice warm early afternoon, a cooler late afternoon then a warm eventing. Interesting day. I finished the paint stripping on the front of the house under the porch. Still have the ceiling of the porch and the front and eves of the porch to do later. First, a little siding repair and vent remodeling, then sanding and painting when the weather allows.

Downspout To Sewer Disconnection
My stripping didn’t take too long so I did another project. I dug up the sewer pipe near the cleanout at the front of the front yard and capped off the line that went to the old main drain under the house.  When I removed the last of the drain lines from the gutters that fed to the sewer I broke off or cut the lines under the house to get the pipes out to repair the siding. If the City’s main sewer line backed up, some nasty stuff could end up under the house so I capped off the line. Later I’ll finish removing the old main drain line and two capped off laterals that went to the atrium under the house. The only reason the lines remained was because of the gutters feeding into them. Years ago I actually bypassed the downspouts so they didn’t go into the sewer  and just drained outside. Now, another project on the list, for action soon, is to complete the drain line from the gutters to a sump pump that gets rid of the water. Sausage, potatoes and eggs for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pot Roast soup for dinner.

SJ Study Vent SJ Porch After Stripping
Thursday: (12/19) Today I was a carpenter repairing and replacing siding and trim as need on the front and North front side of the house.

SJ Study Vent SJ Living Room Siding Repair

I got away about 1500 and returned to Palo Alto. I probably wont return until next year. Sausage eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Cheesy chicken with rice for dinner.

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