Friday, December 6, 2013

Razerback Ridge Hike and Ken Burns Talk

Razerback Ridge / Hamm\’s Gulch Loop

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Friday: (12/06) I made corned beef hash for breakfast. I met my hiking group for a hike at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. We hiked up Razerback Ridge Trail to the Lost Trail then back on the Hamm’s Gulch Trail. It was still freezing for most of our hike. This cold spell caused us to think we might not be in California anymore. I had 14 hiker join me for the hike. Usually a few don’t show up that have signed up but, for this freezing day hike everyone showed up? My lunch was on the trail with my fellow hikers, one of those tuna lunchables.. Even so, I needed a little something after the hike. I had a cheese sandwich.  Dinner was leftover pot roast with baked potatoes.
Rattlesnake Ridge Hike Rattlesnake Ridge Hike
The group before the hike and along the trail.

Rattlesnake Ridge Hike _20131206_12
I like to try to get a group photo of the hikers like above.

Ken Burns Steinbeck Award
In the evening Dawn and I went down to San Jose State where Michael Krasney had a conversation with Ken Burns, the documentary film maker. He received an award from the Steinbeck Center there at SJSU probably related to his “Dust Bowl” documentary. The event was co sponsored by KQED, the local public TV station, SJSU, and the Steinbeck Center. Quite interesting.

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