Friday, December 20, 2013

Pescadero County Park Exploration

Butano Bridge Viewed From Brook Trail Loop Lookout Brook Creek Loop Trail Overlook
Friday: (12/20) I met my San Jose Hiking Group for a hike at Pescadero County Park. We had tree cars bringing our 12 hikers to the Herritage Grove Trailhead. Unfortunately, the trailhead parking area wasn’t signed. When I arranged the hike I didn’t drive up to check our meeting place. I just listed the distance on Alpine Road from Skyline Road. We arrived a later than the others who were not at the trailhead. After a little waiting we drove on down Alpine Road and found them by a sign for the grove which was not the trail head nor did it have real parking spaces. We all returned to the trailhead and started our hike 25 minutes late at 0955. Heritage Grove is reportedly the best redwood grove in the bay area and may well be so. We hiked up to join the Brook Trail Loop.

Brook Trail Redwood Tree With Merged Branches Brook Trail Redwood Tree With Merged Branches
This tree was quite interesting. The branches joined to make a huge hole in the trunk.

Hikers On Bridge On Brook Trail Brook Trail Loop Hikers 9138757901
At the far end of the loop we got onto the wrong trail and wandered into the YMCA Camp. They had some nice trails too, just not where I intended to led the group. The diversion added another 1.2 miles to our hike making it 9.3 miles with an overall climb of 3684 feet.  All hikers were returned to the start in reasonably good condition. Nice hike. Great scenery.

Here are a couple of GPS tracks for the hike:

Brook Trail At Pescadero County Park

EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in California

If you have Google Earth installed you can fly over our hike route using this link.

Lou had a doctors appointment in the morning which Ernie took her to. They stopped at Andy’s BBQ for lunch.Dawn’s friend Andrea was visiting today.

Egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. My trail lunch was tuna salad, crackers, peaches and a cookie. When I got home Lou hav=d saved me some of her leftover BBQ ribs lunch which I had for a late second lunch. For dinner Lou made chorizo soup with fresh cornbread.

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