Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year End

Saturday: (12/28) A very busy day of doing nothing. Leftover Mexican food from Chevy’s for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch and dinner. I had chili beans on baked potato for lunch and Lou had a chicken salad.

Sunday: (12/29) This morning we did our weekly grocery shopping. Otherwise it was another day of doing nothing. I tinkered at the computer reviewing ultralite camping gear and pacific Crest Trail journals and gear lists. Such a lot to learn. McDonald’s McGriddle sandwich for breakfast. Ham and cheese English Muffin for Lunch. Macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Monday: (12/30) Breakfast burrito at La Victoria Restaurant in San Jose. I dropped Dawn off in Willow Glen on my way down. She was visiting her friend Andrea.

Side Vent Before Side Vent After
I stopped by the house and brought out the saws to rebuild a couple of crawl space vents. I had to figure a slightly different way to do the side vents because the only points for the siding are the floor joists so I can’t cut back the siding an add a trim board so I just embedded the vent cover without a trim board. Should work. Above left is before and on the right the after view.

I had a super burrito for lunch from Super Taqueria. I headed home a little before 6 PM and picked up Dawn who had made her way back up to Mountain View on the trolley. Lou mad ham, steamed vegetables and leftover potatoes and macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/31) I was up till 4am computing. I slept in until 0930. Not enough but I had to be a chauffeur. Cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast. Lou had a PT appointment so we all went out with her. Dawn to the nearby book store, me to the nearby Harbor Freight. I needed some saw blades. Lunch at a Chinese Buffet.  A special trip to Sprout’s Market for some party supplies for tonight. Lou made chili beans for dinner. Ernie added corn bread. Meili and Courtney joined us for dinner. I tinkered on the computer and downloaded Guthook’s PCT Guide apps to my phone. I tried them out and they seem to be excellent guides for my future PCT hike. We watched a couple of movies through the evening and survived until 1200 AM to pop the cork. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Wednesday: (01/01) We walked over to Courtney’s to visit her cat spunky. Otherwise another do nothing day. In the evening we had a “Justified” marathon. Ernie cooked ham onion and cheese omelets with potatoes for breakfast. Dinner was ham, crackers, cheese spinach and kale chips and more things we intended for the new years evening wait but nobody was hungry after Lou’s chili.

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