Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Has Arrived

Saturday: (12/07) Corned beef hash leftovers with eggs for breakfast. We did our weekly shopping trip for groceries and such. Much of the rest of the day was just relaxing but I did take a trip to the REI store to look at backpacking gear while Dawn was at  a Christmas cookie party with her High School teachers. Chili sizes for dinner. Guess who was cooking.

Sunday: (12/08) I made more corned beef and hash for breakfast. It’s probably my favorite meal as demonstrated by having it for breakfast the past three days and another to come. It was back to being cold again today. We all went out for a little shopping today. Lou was looking for something at Micheal’s Crafts. We enjoyed some expensive ice cream cones at Rite Aide. The cashier made a mistake and charged me for one triple while we had three doubles. I got back in line and told the cashier. She obviously had a problem understanding English or? she charged me for two more triples. Thanks. When I checked the receipt I noticed the error but wasn’t about to go through the process again and loose more. This is why I go for spells of never saying a word when I’m under charged and then feeling a little guilty and being honest. The honesty always is short lived because I’m almost always taken by being overcharged and not catching it. Lunch, other than the ice cream was some chips and guacamole. It had dried out outside so I dumped my dirt buckets in my even larger dirt pile. Now I have my buckets back so I can generate more? For dinner Lou prepared fish with French Fries and squash.  About 1730 I headed off toward San Jose stopping to pickup a piece of sheet metal duct to repair a shower vent. When the house was re-roofed a few years ago the roofers completely covered over the vent. I had them install a vent jack but didn’t notice at the time that they had shortened the vent stack. First stop was at Orchard Hardware. I’ve noticed that they aren’t anywhere near as well stocked as they used to be before they expanded so much. I hadn’t noticed that they no longer stocked ANY sheet metal ducting. They are where I bought all the ducting when I installed the forced air heater 20+ years ago. I found the duct at Home Depot a little further down the road. I understand Orchard Hardware was recently bought by Lowe’s. If true, I hope they straighten it out.

Monday: (12/09) Granola for breakfast. A rather unproductive day. It was freezing again today. Surprise, so is the rest of the hemisphere, but is is unusual for us. The frost on the lawn didn’t depart until after 1100. I dumped some water out of a bucket in the afternoon and there was a quarter inch of ice in it. Our palm trees in California aren’t working! I had leftover corned beef hash for breakfast with peanut butter and honey on toasted English muffins. I stayed inside until afternoon then had to go out and do something. I tightened the bolts and leveled two fence posts that were leaning and also replaced some fence boards broken by the neighbors cars running in to the fence. I have to say that since the female students moved in after the male students left, it hasn’t gotten worst. I couldn’t keep the posts level with the boys and gave up trying to. The girls have been resident for several years and I noticed it didn’t get worse so I decided to fix the fence. Other than that, I tinkered in the apartment trying to stay warm. About 1700 I went out shopping. I stopped at REI to look at backpacking gear, mostly at ultralight fast drying clothes. I also found a good back packing cookbook. It’s actually a two step cookbook. You cook stuff then dehydrate it. On the trail you warm it up and rehydrate it. The recipes look tasty. When REI closed, I went to Chevy’s for dinner, a Chevy’s cinco. Plenty of leftovers for another dinner. On the way home I stopped at Big Lots and picked up some things as well.

Tuesday: (12/10) Leftover Chevy Cinco (tamale and enchilada) for breakfast. Another cold day so I tinkered inside all morning. In the afternoon I made it outside for more paint stripping. The afternoons are pretty nice after our cold mornings. I returned to Palo Alto for the night. Dawn’s baked potato soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/11) Lou and I went to her PT appointment. early. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. I attended an Alpha Anywhere webinar at 10 00. I returned to  San Jose and did some more paint stripping. Pork chop and rice for dinner. After dinner I went to REI and bought a good hiking jacket, a pair of gloves, and some hiking shorts to try. The jacket is convertible to a vest, the gloves allow use of a cell phone while being worn, and the shorts are underwear that dries quickly so that a couple of pair can last weeks.

Thursday: (12/12) A chorizo breakfast burrito started the cold morning. I stopped and watched the construction of a building on the San Jose State campus as I at my breakfast. About 1100 I got to work stripping paint on the porch. I finished most of the left side today. Lunch was a chicken pot pie at 1300. I finally got back to work at 1400 and worked until 1700 as it was getting dark. I cleaned up and packed to head home. Dinner was some of Dawn’s baked potato soup.

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