Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PCT MM356 To MM363 Wrightwood

Tuesday: (04/14) Up for the nice sunrise and on trail at 0650. It was more up today. Most of the trail was through an older burn. The last four miles before I headed down to Wrightwood was nicely forested. At MM363 I took the Acorn trail down to town which was very steep. I'll rejoin the trail at MM369 where Highway 2 crosses the trail. I picked up my resupply box at the Post Office, stopped by next door at the hardware store to sign the trail register. I then got a cabin at the Pines Cabins. A good shower, then lunch at the Evergreen Cafe, a nice ortega chili burger. Since it was 1500 when I ate no dinner was needed. I did return later for a piece of their famous peanut butter pie.

PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 2005 PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 2008
Above left the LA smog can be seen as the low white above the ridge on the right. Some nice forest up here.

PCT Road 3N31 To Wrightwood 0314
My cabin at Pines Cabins in Wrightwood is right in the corner above.

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