Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Less Humid Now

Tuesday: (07/21) Weather back to normal. The hurricane passed by, way out in the Pacific fortunately, and the humidity is more normal. I slept through the little shaker we had early this morning, a 4 earthquake. I probably would have noticed if I was awake. Lou and Dawn were off to exercise class so I was busy watering the yard this morning. I then added a bunch of photos to this blog for the past couple of weeks. Now I’m off to San Jose to do a little job. On the way I grabbed lunch from the Dim Sum King. I stopped at the house in San Jose, removed the old plywood cover from the sump and tried the new one I had made. It fit perfectly. Quite unusual. I also installed a couple of fence post caps on the new posts I installed when I installed th sidewalk a few months ago.  All done in 15 minutes and on my way home. On the way back I stopped at the Grocery outlet to pick up a few things that I didn’t find at our store in Palo Alto. That’s the way it is with surplus stores. Leftover zucchini and sausage for dinner.

Wilton Yard With Shop Contents 0123 Wilton Yard With Shop Contents 0124
Lots of stuff to go through in the yard.
Wilton Yard With Shop Contents 0125 Wilton Yard With Shop Contents 0126
I got it down to just these two piles
Wilton Shop Reloaded 0127 San Jose Pump Basin Cover 0131
Of course, now the shop is fuller but I still have lots of floor space now. On the right is the San Jose pump basin cover.

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