Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wrapping Up

Tuesday: (07/28) Peach blintzes for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were out at their exercise class  in the morning. I did a few tasks outside. I installed a pipe to the arbor to raise a tiedown line to the shade on the patio. I got tired of having to duck down. I tested one of Lou’s scooter battery paks and found it to have a shorted battery so i ordered replacement batteries. I also pruned the tomato plant and watered the yard. Lou dropped me off at Kaiser for an eye exam while she and Dawn did some shopping. Then we stopped by Costco for a look at a chair Lou is considering. For lunch we visited LUU Noodle House. After lunch I stopped by REI and bought another pair of hiking shoes. Their only good for 500 miles and mine are over well 300 miles now. I’m not sure if I’ll start with the new pair of wait and have them sent to me on the trail. Then we stopped at Best Buy to look and phones and talk about replacing ours. Then it was time to pick up Dawns new glasses. In the afternoon I worked cleaning up the last of the items and lumber left outside the shop. Some to garbage, some stuffed into storage. Now I just have to store away the metal stock I want to keep.

Wilton Yard 0153 Wilton Yard 0160
Above left the orange shade is higher now. On the right is the patio. It actually looks inviting but not on a hot day like today.
Wilton Yard 0162
Much nicer under the arbor.
Wednesday: (07/29) Lou and Dawn were off to exercise class. I fixed a breakfast sandwich and spent the morning filing and other inside activities.  I then loaded up a bunch of stuff from the shop and delivered it to Goodwill. I also did a second trip to Goodwill with our old living room coffee table and rug. They weren’t up to Goodwill standards so they continue to sit out front with a “Free” sign on them. I picked up som dim sum for lunch. After lunch we all went to Best Buy to get new phones. That task didn’t work out because I forgot my phone at home. They were also too busy. We returned home for dinner of Lou’s mushroom soup and then took Dawn to a meeting. We were supposed to use the jeep so we could stop by Costco on the way home to get a new chair Lou wants. We had to hurry home and swap cars and were able to return and get the chair before they closed. Then we stopped by best Buy and got Lou her new phone. They had a nice simple “Dumb” phone like she wanted. I’ll return with Dawn tomorrow to get ours.

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