Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sonoma County Fair

Santa Rosa Fair 0730151733a Santa Rosa Fair 0730151734
Thursday: (07/30) We had leftovers for breakfast. Dawn and I headed off to Best  Buy to look at phones when they opened at 1000.  I discovered they couldn’t get the 128GB model I wanted o we went home. I checked online. It is available online but only for a new 2 year plan. I called support and thay said the store could order it and I could get it there. I returned to Best Buy but they couldn’t get without a 10-14 day wait. SO I looked at other phones. I ended up not getting the Samsung like I had planned and got the LG-G4. Similar or better specs except for processor speed and it’s available right away rather that a week or more delay for them to get the 128GB model I had wanted. In either case they are much larger phones. Dawn was undecided so she will get one another time. We had intended to head up to the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa but didn’t get on the road until way after 1500. Traffic was very bad heading up with the early commute. We didn’t get to the fair until after 1700. A nice fair with all the stuff we like crafts, animals and the like. We had a late dinner at Sharie’s Restaurant before driving home. I was up late playing with my phone and loading apps.
Santa Rosa Fair 0730152122 Santa Rosa Fair 0730152127
Nice crafts to see and a carnival to avoid.
Friday: (07/31) Lou and I had an appointment in the morning and stopped for a late shared breakfast at the Country Inn in Cupertino. Nice to be able to share since Dawn wasn’t there to share. I might be more svelte if I shared more often. I did some more hike preparation setting up a table to load resupply boxes. I really needed a nap but never got one. Too many little things to do.Lou and Dawn visited Best Buy looking at phones. They decided that the Samsung is better for her. They were advised that in a few weeks Samsung will release newer models so the one she wants may be cheaper. She’ll wait. We’re so indecisive. A good thing their salespeople are not on commission. Dinner.Dinner at Jack in the box. I sampled their buttery mushroom burger, as seen on TV. It was pretty good. I made a night hike tonight.

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