Monday, July 27, 2015

Sanborn Park Loop Hike

Monday: (07/27) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian, as usual. I drove out to the park and met my fellow hikers. We did a quick 5.1 mile hike up to the top of the mountain and back down. We managed to beat the heat on this day that is forecast to be in the 90′s. Sanborn Park has some steep trails. We hiked 5.08 miles with a 1616 feet elevation change and 2363 feet climb. Nice stretch.
Sanborn Park Loop Hike 0147 Sanborn Park Loop Hike 20150727_124019
A nice pond by the old Hostel. Sanborn trails are steep so we stop to rest occasionally.
Sanborn Park Loop Hike 20150727_125757 Sanborn Park Loop Hike 91438027228102
Another pond at the end of our hike and a group photo of the hikers.
On the way home I stopped for Chinese lunch at the Lucky Bistro. I reluctantly helped Lou repair the cooler. I usually just relax after a hike. The water line to the cooler was clogged. It’s just a 1/4 inch tube to a float valve. I found the valve had an obstruction. I had to grind off a riveted pin to disassemble the valve and clear a solid plug from it.  I was able to reassemble it and secure the pin with a couple of tywraps and it works now. Not be over confident and it getting near closing time on this really hot afternoon, I dispatched Lou to the hardware store to buy a new float valve. It’s now in the spare parts bin for the cooler. Lou made salads for dinner.

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