Monday, October 19, 2015

Back Home, And Getting Into Gear

Monday:(10/19) Granola for breakfast. I spent the day doing office work and making blog posts, working on photos etc. BBQ ribs baked potato, with salad for dinner. Nice weather. Lou was busy with laundry and moving back out of the RV.

Tuesday: (10/20) Lou and Dawn were off early to exercise class and a party and I relaxed at home. Lou brought home fresh tomales for brunch. I finally got to work after lunch and cleaned up the shop and put away stuff from recent projects. I also started clearing the slab where Lou’s building is to be built. it’s been acting as a patio and had lots of plants that needed new homes. Lou made a nice vegetable soup for dinner.
Wednesday: (10/21) It’s another fine day. I fixed a late breakfast of home fried potatoes with sausage and eggs. I spent the day preparing a shopping list and shopping for materials for Lou’s shed. On the way I had lunch at Mi Pueblo, a nice torta milanesa. Lou and I had dinner at LUU Noodle House. Dawn was at her writers club meeting.
Thursday: (10/22) Lou and Dawn were off to class. I grabbed breakfast at Jack In The Box on my way to San Jose. I needed some salt pellets and to find the best lumber for Lou’s shed. To get usable lumber at Home Depot or Lowe’s you need to find a just opened bundle and cull out the good pieces. I also had difficulty finding kiln dried lumber. Many stores don’t have any, just green lumber that drips and is usually warped. I was able to find good 2×4 8 foot but no 10 foot. Also the salt pellet price difference was up to 100%. It often pays to shop around. My destination was Dawn’s house in San Jose. The tenant called about a broken toilet flush handle. I eventually arrived before noon meeting my “see you in the morning” promise. I checked and was off to another HD to get the part. Installation went well. Next was to deliver the salt pellet bags to the softener in the basement. They are only 50lbs each but I didn’t want to strain my back getting them there. I forgot to bring a wagon so I stopped by Harbor Freight to pickup a big wheel flatbed wagon that I’ve been threatening to buy anyway. A stop for lunch from King Egg Roll on the way back to the house. I assembled the wagon moved the salt and reloaded the softener. I had also intended to install a better discharge outlet for the sump pump there but forgot a few things so it will get one later. Cottage cheese and fruit for dinner. In the evening we all went to the Los Altos Library where day was a story teller.

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