Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Computer History Museum

Wednesday: (10/28) A nice sunny morning when I awoke. It did become overcast about 0900 but we never got any of the forecast rain today.

Computer History Museum Babbage Difference Engine 1028151308 Computer History Museum 1401 computer 1028151505
Since I was on rainy day schedule, Dawn and I visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I haven’t ever visited before.
Computer History Museum 1028151534a Computer History Museum 1028151535
I did donate a couple of my old computers to it a few years ago (Commodore B500 and an Ohio Scientific C4P). Neither were on display. We attended all the docent presentations and spent all day until they threw us out at the 1700 closing. It’s interesting that I have worked with so much of this stuff.
Computer History Museum CDC160 Computer Console1028151624a
They had a CDC160 control console (above) like the one I used to play with at the Satellite Test Center. Dawn enjoyed punching an IBM card and having an old mini computer print her name on a line printer. Dawn had to get dinner in a hurry and I drove her to her writer group meeting. A nice day off.

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