Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prairie Creek Trail Hike

Wednesday: (10/14) Lou made biscuits and gravy again for breakfast. We all took a walk up the Prairie Creek Trail to the Big Tree Trail where Lou and Dawn waited and I returned to get the jeep. They had walked two miles.

Prarie Creek Trail Wave Barked Redwood Tree 1014151142a Prarie Creek Trail Wave Barked Redwood Tree 1014151142c
The above interesting tree is where they waited for me. It’s odd because of the zig-zag growth pattern of the wood and bark. Gee, I wonder if this is the source of the name if the zig-zag trail rather than the routing of the trail.
We then drove up Cal Barrel Road a road going up into the redwood forest. After a while we went down to Orick for lunch at the service station on the South end of town. They had gluten free sandwiches for Lou and Dawn and I had a homemade tamale and a cup of chili and a great milkshake. We examined a burle shop then returned home. I snoozed the rest of the afternoon. Lou cooked salmon with artichoke, chicken, rice and a green salad for dinner. Then we packed up all the outside things getting ready to leave tomorrow morning.

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