Friday, October 23, 2015

Pescadero Creek Park Hike

Friday: (10/23) Alex picked me up and delivered us to Jessica’s house where we met Judd and jessica for a carpool up the hill to the Tarwater Trailhead in Pescadero Creek Park. We started downhill from the Tarwater Trailhead on the Shingle Creek Trail, stopped for a look at the Grandfather Tree and at the old Shingle Mill ruins. We continued out the Pomponio Trail to the Jones Gulch area for lunch by the creek. Then we returned on the Brook Trail and the Canyon Trail stopping at Tarwater Creek to smell and see the tar in the creek. Then we headed up to our cars on the Tarwater Trail. Wonderful park!
Pescadero Creek Park Hike Group 91445631336412
Our hiking group today.
Jones Gulch IN Pescadero Creek Park 1023151239c Jones Gulch IN Pescadero Creek Park 1023151239b Jones Gulch IN Pescadero Creek Park 1023151239
Jones gulch where we enjoyed lunch.
Jones Gulch IN Pescadero Creek Park 1023151237b Jones Gulch IN Pescadero Creek Park 1023151237
Lunch by the creek. On the right Alex examines the waterfall.
Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian, my usual egg, sausage and cheese English muffin and a maple bar. My lunch was a granola bar and some jerky. A meal that lasts on the trail. Lou made beef stroganoff with a new Brussels sprouts dish for dinner.

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