Saturday, October 24, 2015

Waiting for Rain

Saturday: (10/24) Foggy all morning, but a nice sunny afternoon. Lou and I were off to do our weekly shopping early. Leftover potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Otherwise most of the late morning and early afternoon were spent napping. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.

Lou's Shed Starting 1024150918 Wilton Yard 1024150918a
When I finally got out I tinkered repairing a bad hinge on a screen door. I needed some material to fix it so I headed off the Home Depot. While there I got what I came for but also got some more material for Lou’s shed. Then it was time to cook dinner. I prepared pork chops with fresh asparagus and some rice with black bean salsa.
Wilton Tomato Plant 1024150918b
Our tomato monster bush.
Sunday: (10/25) I spent the morning watching the Sunday morning TV talk shows. Around 1100 I got to work on the tasks of the day. I finished repairing the garage screen door. It needed a hinge re-attached.
Lou's Shed Starting 1025151813 Moving Garden Water Lines 1025151813a
I trenched about 15 feet and installed some pipes and conduits. I also worked in the shop. I started with leftover breakfast potatoes for a morning snack. Lou made fresh peaches blintzes for brunch later. Lou made beef stroganoff for dinner.
Monday: (10/26) Another overcast morning and nice sunny afternoon. Leftovers for breakfast. I had beef stroganoff. I finally got outside to work about 1100. I finished digging a trench and installing pipes and conduit to extend  faucet and sprinkler valves to the garden from where they were about 30 feet away by Lou’s building to be. I only had to go to the store once to get a couple of conduit 45 degree ells. After I get Lou’s building built I’ll be laying a bunch of bricks behind a couple of other sheds and installing a roof to make a garden tool storage area, Lou brought home some dim sum for a late lunch. For dinner she made baked potatoes with fresh asparagus and steak. They were both off to an appointment and some shopping today. (see first two pictures below)
Tuesday: (10/27) I made breakfast sandwiches this morning. I then tried to work on Lou’s shed. I did get some rebar pins drilled and set on the slab to hold a brick riser. I then intended to lay some bricks but my tools are in San Jose. So, what to do next. I was about to start installing the sill plate on the rest of the slab but it was lunch time so we all went to lunch at LUU Noodle House. They left me there and went off to visit the Sunset Gardens which close permanently this Friday. I stopped by at Walmart and picked up some printer paper and caught the bus home.
Wilton Garden Water Line Move 1027151233 Wilton Garden Water Line Move 1027151233a San Jose Sump Pump Discharge 1027151723
I then loaded up the Jeep and headed down to San Jose. It was already 1530, a really bad time to be on the road. Traffic was terrible so I stayed off the freeway (parking lot). I arrived at the house about 1630. I needed to get my cement tools but they were locked in my job box there and I didn’t bring the key so I loaded the job box into the jeep. My other task was to install a pump outlet box which I hadn’t located when I dashed off to hike in April. We found it later in San Luis Obispo at a farm supply so I bought the box but hadn’t installed it yet. It went in easily with some drain rock as it’s base (above right). I finished up at 1730. I was almost out of gas so I filled the tank then stopped by the Orchard Supply Hardware store nearby to pickup two elbows to soften the discharge so it doesn’t lift the boxes lid. I had ordered a pizza when I left the store so after completing the box I headed off to the House Of Pizza to pick it up. Traffic wasn’t bad as I headed home at 1850. I enjoyed my pizza as I watched NCIS and vegg’d (pizza’d) the rest of the evening. All the way home there were very light sprinkles on the windshield. When I got home it turned into a short period of light rain. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a real rain.

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