Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Day At The Movies

Wednesday: (11/25) Dawn and I went to see the movie “A Good Dinosaur” at the Plaza Theater in Campbell with my hiking Meetup group. A pretty good flick. This was the first day of the showing and we were surprised to see buss loads of school kids arriving for the show. After the movie we walked downtown for lunch. Lou and Ernie were both busy baking pies and doing other fixings for the Turkeyday feast. Peanut butter toast for breakfast. Lunch at Brown Cow Brown Chicken restaurant in Campbell. I had an outstanding bacon lettuce tomato avocado and cheddar sandwich. Dawn had a psychedelic goat cheese hamburger. I made corned beef hash and eggs for dinner.
Death Tree In Campbell 1125151442b_HDR
We saw this tree on our walk from lunch back to the theater. Must be a Halloween leftover, a bunch of severed heads hanging in a tree.

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