Saturday, November 21, 2015

Final Touches On The Shed

Saturday: (11/21) Weekly grocery shopping run. I was busy all day but not too effective. I cleaned out Lou’s shed so she can paint it. She did put a first coat on the ceiling. Due to a change in the East wall I ended up with a couple off cement wall panels extra. They aren’t light so I wanted to only move them once. I ended up moving them three times because my mind wasn’t working, evidently. With all that fun done, I started building the door for her shed. I got all the pieces cut before quitting for the day. In the evening we all attended the 2015 Tellebration, a storytelling even here in town and around the world today.Breakfast at McDonald’s. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. BBQ ribs with spaghetti squash and asparagus for dinner.
Sunday: (11/22) While Lou was painting the second coat on the ceiling in her shed, i assembled the door, hung it, installed the lock set. I also painted the door and the wall inside the green house. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Waffles and sausage for dinner.
Wilton Lou's Shed 1122151629a_HDR
The new door drying.
Wilton Lou's Shed 1122151629_Pano
Ceiling painted and wall painting started. The paint really brightens the room up.
Lous Shed Mouse Proofing 1123151633_HDR
Monday: (11/23) Lou’s birthday today. We’re delaying celebration until next week. I rekeyed the new lock for Lou’s shed and reinstalled it now that the paint is dry. I did some other finishing up and also cut and painted some panel pieces to cover some holes created by the ribbing in the shed that makes up the east wall of the new shed. Lou was concerned about critters finding their way in. She painted two coats on the walls which nearly finishes the building. While Lou painted i headed off to Lowe’s for more paint for her and to get some electrical parts for the lights and outlets. Granola for breakfast. Gnocchi and hot dogs in home made tomato sauce from the garden for lunch.Enchiladas for dinner.

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