Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold And A Cold

Saturday: (11/14) A cold morning. Lou and I did the weekly grocery shopping run in the morning. I spent the day in bed with my cold. Really only some congestion but any excuse for a day off. I did make a late afternoon run to Lowe’s in Sunnyvale to get some drip edge for Lou’s shed. I then installed it so the rain expected tonight drains off without any problems like wetting the plywood roof deck. All of a little over an hours work today to get the material and install it. I made chorizo scrambled egg hash for breakfast. Hot and sour soup with a chicken breast for lunch. I made spaghetti for dinner.
Sunday: (11/15) We finally got some more rain last night and into the morning. Today was movie day. We drove over to Campbell to a cheap theater where I saw the new Bond movie Spectre and Lou and Dawn saw the new Peanuts movie. After the movie was stopped for lunch in downtown Campbell at the Aqui restaurant. Then dawn visited a used book store, Lou Whole Foods and me the Sports Basement. Then we went to see the new Bass Pro Store in South San Jose sort of nearby. Leftovers for breakfast. Lunch at Aqui’s in Campbell. Lou’s chicken hot and sour soup for dinner.
Monday: (11/16) Very windy today. I relaxed in bed most of the day. I did bring out the table saw and cut some lumber to make a door and some furring strips  for a wsll in Lou’s shed. That didn’t take long and i then quit for the day due to the heavy winds. Leftover spaghetti for breakfast. Sauerbraten and baked potato for dinner.
Wilton Lou's Shed 1117151710a_HDR Wilton Lou's Shed 1117151710b_HDR
Tuesday: (11/17) A pretty nice day. No wind and mostly sunny. I went to Lowe’s in Santa Clara to get some materials for Lou’s shed. Among them was some paint which I then used to paint the front of Lou’s shed. Leftover spaghetti for breakfast. Donuts for lunch. Sauerbraten and baked potato for dinner.
Wilton Lou's Shed 1118151826_HDR
Wednesday: (11/18)  A nice warm clear day. I installed the gutter and downspout on Lou’s building. I also worked on the wall by the fence sealing and furring it getting ready to install paneling. I made myself a egg cheese and sausage sandwich for breakfast and made not sandwiches (no bread) for Lou and Dawn. For lunch we had Lou’s hot and sour soup and a sandwich for lunch. Dawn made quesodillas for dinner.
Wilton Lou's Shed 1119151114_HDR 1119151713_HDR
Thursday: (11/19) I made a return run to Orchard Hardware and Harbor Freight this morning. I returned a faulty air stapler to HF which they exchanged with no problem. About 1100 I got to work on Lou’s shed and finished installing the panels to the rear wall. Granola for breakfast. Chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili sizes for dinner.

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