Tuesday, June 28, 2016

PCT MM1375 To MM1361, Old Station

PCT MM1375 To MM1361 Subway Cave Campsite 0628160618_HDR
Tuesday: (06/28) I decided not to wait at the Subway Cave for pickup. I toured the cave then hiked on down 4 more miles to Hat Creek RV Resort. I arrived about 0930. I enjoyed an ice cream and a root beer. I showered and washed my clothes. I was then ready for public smelling.
PCT MM1375 To MM1361 Old Station Hat Creek RV Park 0628161445_HDR
I hung out in the laundry room a lot because it had power outlets to keep the phone charged as I used it. In a low signal area, my phone eats it’s battery quickly. Ernie never got my texts about my move until after he had gone to the Subway Cave. He arrived at the RV Park about 1745. We headed off to Red Bluff and spent the night at the Best Western Motel there. Nice place with an aviary, a koi pond and house cat
I met the following hikers today: Unnamed (woman through hiker skipped snow),
Ice Woman (through hiker), Axeman (through hiker), Turtle, Half-fast, Professor (in laundry room, section hikers, the “three guys over 60″).

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