Wednesday, June 22, 2016

PCT MM1475 To 1459, Deer Creek Spring

PCT MM1475 To 1459 0622160935c_HDR PCT MM1475 To 1459 0622161027a_HDR
Wednesday: (06/22) On trail at 0725. Nice weather. 3000′ climb today.
PCT MM1475 To 1459 McCloud River  0622161057b_HDR PCT MM1475 To 1459 Deer Creek 0622161704_HDR
Nice break by the McCloud River.
PCT MM1475 To 1459 Deer Creek Spring Campsite 0622161849_HDR
I camped at Deer Creek Spring, real cold high flow spring with a single campsite. MM1459. GPS: 41.135484, -121.985971
Today I met the following NoBo hikers: Alaska, Geeko He jumped up to Truckee), Flu (through hiker), Gazelle (Jumped to Sonora), John (Through hiker), Longdrink (Section hiker from Burney North), Nesquik and friend (Through hiker jumped from Bishop to Donner), Unknown (Through hiker), Skippy (Through hiker).

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