Sunday, June 26, 2016

PCT MM1405 To MM1391, Castella

PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Crystal Lake  0626160638_HDR PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Crystal Lake   0626160642a_HDR
Sunday: (06/26) Started early and enjoyed seeing the geese I’d been hearing all evening and night out on the lake with come pelicans.
PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Crystal Lake   0626160654_HDR PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Crystal Lake  0626160753_HDR
Really pretty small lakes. On the right is hte last good water for the next 25 miles.
PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Castella 0626160910_HDR PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Hat Creek Rim  0626161417_HDR
The trail wandered across some grassy valley bottom then up onto the Hat Creek Rim.
PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Castella 0626161417a_HDR PCT MM1405 To MM1391 Cow Pond  0626161707_HDR
Continued on to MM1391, Cache 22, an unmaintained cache. I had been looking forward to arriving because it was about the halfway point and there were chairs to sit on in the shade. Upon arrival there was no shade but I tried to enjoy the chairs for a sit. The one I chose collapsed and cut my finger seriously. There was a campsite nearby and I’d done 14 miles so decided to camp here. I setup the tent then did some first aide on my finger. It’s the left hand middle finger but it is the hand I use to lift my bag onto my back. I’ll see tomorrow if it means stopping the hike for a while. Otherwise today was a nice walk, hot and uphill so I stopped to rest several times.
I met the following hikers today: Homestretch (a girl through hiker), Strata and Oats (through hikers), and Peabody ( a through hiker)

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