Friday, June 24, 2016

PCT MM1439 To MM1416, Burney Falls SP

PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Burney Falls SP 0624160919_HDR PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Burney Falls SP 0624160952_HDR
Friday: (06/24) I was on trail at 0630. I wanted to get here before the store closed at 2000.
PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Burney Falls SP 0624160952c_HDR PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Rock Creek Falls 0624161528_HDR
Passed Rock Creek Falls about 4 mile before getting to MacArthur Burney Falls.
PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Lake Britton 0624161727a_HDR PCT MM1439 To MM1416  Lake Britton Dam 0624161739_HDR
Britton lake and dam above, about two miles before Burney Falls.
PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Burney Creek  0624161829_HDR PCT MM1439 To MM1416 Burney Falls SP Root ber Float 0624161851_HDR
Enjoyed a rootbeer float and a Philly sandwich for dinner. I also picked up my two packages. Lou had sent a spare battery for the phone because I thought it was dying too quickly. May have just been no cell service. I then, after being at the store for over an hour, noticed a power outlet and started charging my phone and spare battery. So, I finally walked down to the hike and bike camp which is located about as far away from the store and showers as possible. I sent my status email to home and then took a shower.
It’s a weekend so they’ll be  busy most of the time so I took my shower even though it was 2230. Time to relax and finish chsrging my spare battery.
Also, at one of my water stops I dropped my phone in the creek. Luckily it seems OK. Arrived at MM1416, Burney Falls SP at 1830.
Met the following NoBo hiker: Haircut (English girl flipper and Bluejay older woman flipper, Rainbow, Gringo (Through hiker), ShaqDiesel (girl through hiker), Heatwave and Slims (Section hikers finishing this year), Batwoman (through jumper).

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